Epic Ork Warbikes

Here is a band of Epic Ork Warbikes.

Epic Ork Warbikes

I was never a real fan of the plastic models, as they lacked depth and character. I did convert a model attaching an Ork Nob in Mega-Armour to one of the bikes to create an Ork Warboss on a warbike.

Pity that Epic has been sidelined as I would love to see some new Forge World epic miniatures. Or even new miniatures in Finecast.

Weirdboy Warbike

Just under a year ago, Games Workshop released some new plastic Skaven kits.

It wasn’t just me, but a lot of other Ork players looked at the new plastic Skaven Doomwheel and thinking, “now that could be an interesting Ork vehicle or bike!” I am thinking a Weird Boy transport option. Of course being plastic means that conversion should be easier than the previous metal version.

In the box there are three plastic sprues.

As you might expect, a fair number of the parts have Skaven style insignia and icons on them. I am thinking that carving these off the plastic parts shouldn’t be too hard. The other thing I could do is cover them up with Ork icons. I have the new brass ones form Forge World and a fair few plastic ones from the various Ork kits I have.

The engine will be a key conversion for this model, it’s at times like this that I wish Forge World would make more conversion bitz for the Orks. I think I will need to use some plastic tubing for this. I am intending to add to the conversion using parts from the Ork Trukk kit, though I am also thinking that I may need to get some Ork Bikes as well.

Ork Nob Warbike

On display at GamesDay 2008 were Forge World’s Ork Nob Warbikers. This is one of the three that make up the £50.90 set.


Now I do like the model in the photograph, however I was less of a fan of the others in the set. Now I do buy Forge World models, but at £50.90 I think that the set is a little overpriced; hey even the plastic Ork Warbiker Mob at £22.50 is in my opinion not that good value for money!

From a gaming perspective, the Ork Warbiker is a mean unit, how do I know, I have a unit of Deffkoptaz.

Thinking about getting the new Ork Mega-Force from Games Workshop which comes with nine Warbikes. Still won’t get the resin Nob Bikers from Forge World though.

More photographs of Ork Bikerz.