Ork Nob in Mega-Armour

Meganobz are the elite of the Ork Nobz. They are the richest and most battle-hardened Orks in any warband. They are clad in Mek-built mega armour, which is incredibly tough and protective. Meganobz can shrug off the hail of bullets that would kill lesser Orks. They are also armed with the most powerful weapons that Ork technology can provide.

Meganobz are typically used as bodyguards for Warbosses or as shock troops in the front lines of battle. They are incredibly fearsome opponents, and they are a force to be reckoned with.  They are incredibly strong and tough. They can lift and throw objects that would crush a normal human, and they can easily defeat even the most powerful opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

Meganobz are typically armed with a massive choppa and a big shoota. They may also be equipped with other weapons, such as a power klaw or a kustom mega-blasta.

Meganobz are incredibly aggressive and bloodthirsty. They love nothing more than a good fight, and they will happily charge into battle even against overwhelming odds.

Meganobz are a fearsome sight on the battlefield. They are the embodiment of Ork power and aggression, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Ork Nob in Mega-Armour

Ork Nob Warbike

On display at GamesDay 2008 were Forge World’s Ork Nob Warbikers. This is one of the three that make up the £50.90 set.


Now I do like the model in the photograph, however I was less of a fan of the others in the set. Now I do buy Forge World models, but at £50.90 I think that the set is a little overpriced; hey even the plastic Ork Warbiker Mob at £22.50 is in my opinion not that good value for money!

From a gaming perspective, the Ork Warbiker is a mean unit, how do I know, I have a unit of Deffkoptaz.

Thinking about getting the new Ork Mega-Force from Games Workshop which comes with nine Warbikes. Still won’t get the resin Nob Bikers from Forge World though.

More photographs of Ork Bikerz.

Forge World Ork Nob Bikers

Only yesterday on my blog I said:

Now if we could see more innovative Ork stuff and slightly less Imperial Guard I think I would be happier!

Well I suspect that Forge World may have been reading!!!

In their latest newsletter before GamesDay 2008 they have provided a sneak peek of some new Ork Nob bikers which will be available soon and they may even have a few at the show itself!

Looking very nice.

Forge World Ork Nob Bikers

Though at three times the price of the plastic bikers (they are £52 for three), I am thinking slightly over-priced, or are they value for money?

Also am I the only one who doesn’t like the new plastic bike bases?

Ork Stormboyz Nob

One of my Ork units I do like are my Stormboyz (even despite Simon calling them the Lipstick Boyz) however they are leaderless, until now!

Games Workshop do produce a Stormboyz Nob, however it is only available by mail order and not from their shops.

So when I was up in Nottingham recently I did get the Stormboyz Nob when I visited Warhammer World.

 Ork Stormboyz Nob

It is a nice model and will certainly give my Stormboyz mob a bit more punch.