Grot Bomb Launched

Grot Bomb launched and bounced off the frontal armour again…

I do like the Forgeworld Grot Bomb Launcha and it is great fun in games.

This picture from a recent game is just after I launched the Grot Bomb at an Imperial Hellhound and as per usual it bounced off the frontal armour….

It seems to do that a lot, it strikes the target (always a tank), but fails to do any damage. Perhaps I should go for different targets such as infantry?

I think the real answer is to go for a few more and create a barrage of Grot Bombs, that may work…

You can see on my workbench feature how I put together and painted this excellent little model.

Weapons of Choice – first part of the Axis of Time Trilogy…

I am currently reading and enjoying John Birmingham’s Weapons of Choice, the first part of the Axis of Time Trilogy.

It is not high brow science fiction and anyone who has seen the film the Final Countdown will be having deja vue.

There are a few references to Harry Turtledove’s World War series which aren’t really needed and of course there are a lot of similarities between the two books.

Having said that it is a fun read and I will be looking forward to the next two books.

You can get the book in the UK from Amazon.