Old West Stage Coach

This is the marketing image of the laser-etched MDF Stage Coach from Sarissa Precision.

The laser-etched MDF Stage Coach from Sarissa Precision.

I was given one for Cbristmas, it comes as a piece of laser-etched MDF and a smaller piece of laser-etched card.

It was very simple to put together, the card components were quite tricky and you need to watch that you don’t bend or crumple the card aspects. I was really impressed with the wheels which though looked quite delicate, were pretty easy to remove from the MDF.

The model I made looks very much like the marketing material and I was impressed with the quality of the kit and the explanatory instructions, which made construction very simple and relatively quick.

It probably could do with a a lick of paint, but even in the raw “wooden” state could be used for games.

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