Underground Building Entrances

Forge World released these entrances many years ago. These were on display at GamesDay 2005.

I’ve always thought of them as a weird concept and wondered why Forge World not only made one, but made a whole range?

Obviously they could be used as entrances to other buildings with someconversion and I have thought about that especially for the CityFight Photographic Tile that has been on my “workbench” for some time. At the moment it only exists on paper, but I do have a 2’ square piece of MDF to use for it!

I wanted to use mainly foamcard and cardboard for the “tile” as it would only be used for photographs and not for gaming. Though at 2’ square could be used for small scale squad actions, or for the Rogue Trader RPG.

As with many projects, at the moment it is in the pipeline and will probably stay in the pipeline for the forseeable future.

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