The fifth Indiana Jones movie….

Last night I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on the BBC and really enjoyed it. Why I watched it on the TV when I have it on DVD is a different question!

This week sees the launch of the fourth instalment in cinemas, nearly twenty years after the Last Crusade hit the screen. I am hoping to get to see it, though I don’t go to the cinema as much as a I use to.

According to the BBC this instalment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, may not be the last.

Steven Spielberg has said he is happy to make another Indiana Jones movie if fans enjoy the long-awaited fourth film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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There is a possibility then that there may be a fifth (or even a sixth) instalment.

I have enjoyed the first three Indiana Jones’ movies and even at one time contemplated writing a series of rules which were inspired by the films.

Not Indiana Jones…

With the new film, I may revisit the rules and see if I can put them on the web. In the meantime have a look at some pictures.