Putting it together…

I have been putting my Mark IIb Land Raider together.

The track units went together very easily, adding the resin pieces was a little more complex.

The problem was that the resin pieces had shrunk slightly which meant the fit was not as good as the other plastic parts leaving some gaps between the resin parts and the plastic track units.

I did think about filling the gaps with green stuff, or using plasticard, however for the moment I am leaving as the gap is not that big.

Grey Knights MkIIb Land Raider

Grey Knights can use Land Raiders, when I first started putting this force together I knew that if I was going to get a Land Raider it would have to be the Forgeworld MkIIB Land Raider.

This is the Forgeworld display model.

I did get one in the end at GamesDay 2006.

As well as the plastic Land Raider parts you get the following resin pieces. These are the main sponsons and hull structures.

This is the rear plate and replacement exhausts.

These are the lascannon weapons.

Though you don’t get much in the way of instructions, but you do get doors.

Now I made a mistake, you get a set of doors and I (foolishly) asked them to replace the supplied eagle doors with Grey knight Land Raider doors. Now what I didn’t realise was that the side doors on the sponson are not the same size as the Land Raider doors, but are in fact the same size as Rhino side doors. So the Grey Knight doors are too big!

Mark IIB Land Raider

This is the Mark IIB pre-heresey Land Raider.

It is part of Mike Sharpe’s superb Space Wolves army, which was on show at GamesDay 2006.

The model is available from Forgeworld and is a very nice kit. I have one but have not yet started it. It is based on the plastic Land Raider kit, and the model is very similar to the Epic Land Raider.

Grey Knights Attack Bike

At the recent UK GamesDay, a preview of the new all plastic Space Marine Attack Bike was shown.

As you may have seen in previous posts and on my workbench I have been working on a Grey Knights Landspeeder.

I do realise that it is not in the Codex and there is not a lot of fluff to support such a model, however I do think it will look cool. I am using the Land Speeder which came with the original boxed set, purity symbols from ForgeWorld and a book and skull from the Inquisitor range.

Under the same misconception I think that the new plastic Attack Bike will make a fine starting point for a Grey Knights version.

Also at Gamesday was a completed Forgeworld pre-Heresy Land Raider, built and painted by Will Hayes.

MkIIb Land Raider from Will Hayes' collection.
MkIIb Land Raider from Will Hayes’ collection.

It is my intention to get one of these for my Grey Knights (and this is in the Codex and the fluff).