Grey Knights MkIIb Land Raider

Having given the Land Raider Mark IIb a black undercoat I started the basecoat.


Though this is a Grey Knights Land Raider, I decided early on with this force that the majority of the armoured vehicles would be a sandy desert colour.


I used Citadel Foundation Paint, Tausept Ochre as the basecoat.


Now I made a mistake, you get a set of doors and I (foolishly) asked them to replace the supplied eagle doors with Grey Knights Land Raider doors. Now what I didn’t realise was that the side doors on the sponson are not the same size as the Land Raider doors, but are in fact the same size as Rhino side doors. So the Grey Knight doors are too big!


See the full workbench feature on this Mark IIb Land Raider.

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