Epic Ork Great Gargants on eBay

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OOP Space Marine Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

This is an OOP Epic Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. it is still bare metal, but looks like it was put together using some kind of epoxy resin which would need to be cleaned off before assembly and painting.
The Great Gargant is the most powerful of all Space Ork Mekboy inventions. It’s vast body houses a multitude of orky engines, generators and dynamos. These power its frightening array of awesome weaponry. Mega-cannon mounted in its belly and on its arm blast its foes with massive destructive power. The Super Lifta-Droppa can popund armoured enemies into the ground. The Gork Head has massive Traktor Cannons mounted in the eye sockets to drag its opponents to their certain doom.

Model designed by Kevin Adams. The box contains one complete unassembled and unpainted Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting. There is some old glue on the model.


New Sealed Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant on eBay.

This is an OOP Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. It is still shrink wrapped and is as new.

Great Gargants are gigantic Ork war engines. Only the mightiest of Ork Warbosses are powerful enough to have their Mekboyz create such awesome machines of destruction for them. These heavily armoured monstrosities lead the Ork mobz into battle using their huge guns to pound their enemies into oblivion.

Model designed by Dave Andrews. This is suitable for Space Marine, Epic, Epic 40000 and Epic Armageddon. The box contains one complete Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting.


Note I will ship worldwide, message me on eBay and I will add you to an exemption list allowing you to bid.

Shrink Wrapped OOP Epic Space Marine Legion

Now sold.

Epic Space Marine Legion for sale on eBay

New Sealed OOP Space Marine Epic 40000 Space Marine Legion

New Sealed OOP Space Marine Epic 40000 Space Marine Legion

New Sealed OOP Space Marine Epic 40000 Space Marine Legion

This is an OOP Space Marine Epic Space Marine Legion boxed set of plastic models.


  • 10 Space Marine Bikers
  • 10 Space Marines in Terminator Armour
  • 5 Space Marine Commanders
  • 10 Space Marine Captains
  • 5 Space Marine Land Speeders
  • 5 Robots
  • 20 Space Marines with Jump Packs (Assault Marines)
  • 100 Space Marines in Mk 7 Armour
  • 10 Space Marines with Heavy Weapons

These are suitable for Space Marine, Epic, Epic 40000 and Epic Armageddon.

Check out the auction. Note that I made an error in the listing, I do ship worldwide, please message me on eBay to be added to an exemption list so you can bid.

Update I have added more Epic items to my auctions, so check them out.

Epic Imperials

These are some of my very old Epic miniatures from the 1990s.

Epic Imperials

This is one of the plastic Warlord Titans from Adeptus Titanicus. It has the Chaos head and red eyes, though in the main I used it as an Imperial Titan when playing games of Epic.

Warlord Titan

These are plastic Land Raiders and metal Dreadnoughts.

Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts

The scenery is from Snapdragon Studio.

Epic Space Marine Battleforce

Epic Space Marine Battleforce advanced in front of an Imperial Manufactorium.

Epic Space Marine Battleforce

These are in the main metal Epic models. The Land Raiders and Vindicators are metal models (from the Epic 40000 era) however the Rhinos are plastic.

The buildings are from Snapdragon Studio and work really well in this scene.

Fellblade Super Heavy Tank

If you had a love for the Epic super heavy tanks from the Space Marine era (ie before Epic 40K) then you will love the new Fellblade Super Heavy Tank from Forge World.

Space Marine Fellblade Super-heavy Tank

Based upon the same STC data as the Baneblade and Deathhammer super-heavy tanks, which are a mainstay of the vast brigades of the Imperial Army, the Fellblade is a more advanced variant that first saw widespread service with the Legiones Astartes in the last decades of the Great Crusade.

It is most noted for its use of Mechanicum atomantic arc-reactor technology and a reinforced metaplas alloy chassis superior even to that of the Baneblade, alongside an advanced accelerator cannon as its primary armament. These systems are all fruits of Dark Age technologies rediscovered and restored to humanity shortly before the nightmare of the Great Heresy.

Space Marine Fellblade Super-heavy Tank

I do quite like this model and certainly reminds me of the early days of Warhammer 40K. It would certainly fit in with the other retro models that Forge World have produced.

Now wondering what else Forge World will show off before the big Games Day event on Sunday. Alas I can’t make the event this year, confused my dates and didn’t get a ticket in time. Maybe next year…

Oh, by the way, anyone know what the Deathhammer super heavy tank is?

Epic Ork Warbikes

Here is a band of Epic Ork Warbikes.

Epic Ork Warbikes

I was never a real fan of the plastic models, as they lacked depth and character. I did convert a model attaching an Ork Nob in Mega-Armour to one of the bikes to create an Ork Warboss on a warbike.

Pity that Epic has been sidelined as I would love to see some new Forge World epic miniatures. Or even new miniatures in Finecast.

Epic Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought

Here are some plastic The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts.

Epic Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought

I actually used them as robots, mainly as they didn’t look anything like dreadnoughts!

The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought was once a mainstay of the armoured might of the Astartes Legions of old. Larger and stronger than standard pattern Dreadnoughts, the Contemptor’s systems featured many examples of techno-arcana steeped in the sacred mysteries of the Legio Cybernetica. Some chapters still boast these war relics amongst their ranks, and whenever the Contemptor takes to the field of battle, it is an echo of the power of ancient days.

Forge World Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought

Though they first appeared in Epic, Forge World have recently released a 28mm resin version.