Dirtside Rules

Nice to see one of my favourite rule sets of all time, Dirtside II available for free download.

Dirtside II Cover

I played Dirtside quite a bit in the 1990s and even put on a display game for it at Salute one year. I much preferred it at the time to the Epic rules which were around. Though when Epic40000 was released I did start playing those rules for a while.

Dirtside II is a rules system for playing combined-arms ground combat with miniatures in a science-fictions setting.

They were first published in 1993 by Ground Zero Games.

They are now available as free download from the GZG website.

Dirtside II – Part 1

Dirtside II – Part 2

Dirtside II – Part 3

Dirtside II – Colour Cover

Dirtside II – Counter Sheet

Here is an article I wrote for Dirtside.

Sweep and Clear

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  1. if you are interested got the Full Metal Armour & FMOrge versions add on to dirtside2. Saved them from another website before it closed.

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