Top Ten Blog Posts 2019

In 2019 I went at writing and posting much more and this year I published 143 blog posts. Compare that to 2018 when I wrote just 21 blog posts.

Here are my top ten blog posts in reverse order. As is typical most posts are from previous years.

Tenth most popular was the start of a workbench feature on the Forge World Ork Big Trakk.

Starting the Ork Big Trakk

Ninth post was photographs from Dwarf City under attack. This was of my favourite display game at GamesDay 2008, it was the Dwarf City that was under attack by a sea borne Orc and Goblin army.

Dwarf City under attack

I have added a new gallery of this display game on the site with higher resolution photographs.

Post at number eight was this one on the then new(ish) miniature on display at the Forge World Open Day of the Nurgle Daemon Prince.

Nurgle Daemon Prince

Post number seven was on the then new Forge World conversion kits for the plastic Baneblade model.

BaneBlade Conversion Kits

Sixth most popular post was from 2019 and was a little bit of a rant about the Warhammer 40K version of Monopoly!

Warhammer 40K Monopoly

Warhammer Monopoly

At number five was another Dwarf City under attack post.

Dwarf City under attack

The number four post was from this year, it was about the availability of PDFs of GZG’s Dirtside Rules.

Dirtside Rules

At number three was a post about the upgrade sprue for the Ork Battlewagon from 2009.

Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Pack

My second most popular post was a photograph of a Beautiful Dystopian Wars game.

Beautiful Dystopian Wars

My top post in 2019 was this post about that Dwarf City under attack.

Dwarf City under attack

Followers of the blog will have realised I am now adding new pages to the site as I migrate the old site to this new one. Taking advantage to add higher resolution photographs and update links and images.

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