Starting the Ork Big Trakk

Ork Big Trakk

Originally this was to be a conversion of the Ork Trukk kit, however in the end it was decided to make it a full resin kit.

Ork Big Trakk

I really like this model, which combined with Trukks and Halftrakks gives the Orks a variety of vehicles that you would expect to find in their force.

Main issue is that it comes with no instructions and it isn’t the easiest kit to put together.

So this is what you get in the box, quite a bit of resin.

Ork Big Trakk

This is not a simple kit, and it is furtherly complicated by a lack of instructions. Hopefully my workbench feature will help anyone else putting one of these wonderful and well detailed models together.

Gallery of photographs of the Big Trakk.

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  1. There are instructions available now. Just give Forgeworld a call and they will send it to you. It makes putting this together much easier 🙂

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