Forgeworld Newsletter #134

re-release of a big Marine…


We thought we’d sneak out a quick newsletter at the beginning of the week this time, just to keep you on your toes! In this issue we’ll be taking a look at a new 40K Tau Battlesuit and a set of wings for Tyranid Warriors and we have news on the availability of one of our popular older models too.

Ewen Little.
Forge World.

All New Tau Broadside Battlesuit
We took a near-complete example of this new model along to the ‘Honour Guard’ Veteran’s Open Day at Warhammer World last Saturday. With an audience of avid gamers, collectors and modellers, it was the perfect opportunity to show off what we were up to. The designer, Will Hayes, started by using the style of Daren Parrwood’s previous Forge World Tau Battlesuits and swapping the positions of the weapon systems on the Broadside. The Railguns are mounted on waist supports and on the Battlesuits arms, allowing for a good degree of movement and dynamic posing. The Railguns are fed with power and ammunition by the feeds running down to them from the large power supply and ammo hopper on the back of the Broadside. The very nasty Smart Missile System moves from the arms, as on the standard XV88, to its new location up on the top of the power supply and ammo hopper. Larger feet, based on the classic Crisis pattern, aided by an additional toe/heel at the rear of the foot, provide this key Tau heavy weapon system with the essential stable firing position it needs. This new Broadside variant is obviously more armoured than the standard Crisis Battlesuit with much larger armour plates covering the shoulders, knees and legs. A thicker torso incorporating curved armour and lower profile domed head also aid survivability. This great new model is a complete resin kit and is available to pre-order now and will start being sent out from Monday November 28th.

Tyranid Warrior Wings
Something else we took along to the ‘Honour Guard’ Veteran’s Open Day were two sets of Tyranid Warrior Wings. Mark Bedford had only really completed sculpting them the day before so we were very lucky to have them on display at all! Mark has made three different pairs of wings which fit straight onto Tyranid Warriors, replacing the upper set of plastic arms. Mark has been clever in how he has made the wings as of course as everyone knows Tyranid creatures only have six limbs: The first rib on each wing is a Scything Talon and on the front of the wings are Rending Claws. By designing the wings this way, it allows you to assemble Winged Tyranid Warriors as shown in the first few photos. Now for the even better bit. If you prefer to put together your Warriors with two weapon-symbiotes AND the wings, you can. Just take a look at the photos lower down the page. Dean Winson assembled these three Tyranid Warriors at the Honour Guard’ Veteran’s Open Day and by just adding a couple lengths of wire to support the models ended up with a brood that looks damned good to me. A feature I really like about these wings is how they attach to the body of the Warrior. The limb itself joins in the expected manner in the top shoulder sockets, but it also attaches around behind the Tyranid just below an armour plate on its carapace. This gives the wings a much greater surface area and makes them look more than capable of supporting the weight of a Tyranid Warrior. Also we have discovered that gentle trimming of this rear-most wing section can achieve even more poses than would normally be possible! Packs of Tyranid Warrior Wings are available to pre-order now and we will start being sending these out from Monday November 28th.

120mm Scale Imperial Space Marine
When we re-released this big model for the first time in two years back in March, our 120mm scale Imperial Space Marine was very popular and sold out in fairly short order after the moulds went pop again. Well, we weren’t going to let Christmas go past without trying to get some of this challenging and characterful figurine back into stock. I’m very happy to report that we have just had the first few 120mm scale Imperial Space Marines delivered and that they are available to order right now. If you take a look at the instructions on the link below, you’ll see that the Space Marine comes in lots of parts and that the shape of the joints between the arms, legs body and head allow for a reasonable amount of posability. There are some nice little accessories in the kit too. The combat knife can be mounted as a bayonet or slid into the scabbard. There are two heads in the box, one standard Mk7 helmet and a bare head with great facial detail. That gorgeous detailed base is also part of the set with the loose skull and section of pillar too. As with last time, stocks will be limited.

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Ork Stormboyz

Jet pack equipped Orks whom fly into battle.

I have been making progress on my jet packed Ork Stormboyz.

I am using the same process on these which I have used on my other Orks, however I may use shades of brown rather than grey.

The jump packs are being painted with different colours of brown with red nose cones.

Some of the models have used Warhammer Fantasy Orc components.

Inquisitorial Land Raider and Rhino

Here are some photographs of Forgeworld’s Inquisitorial Land Raider and Rhino.

Inquisitor Rhino next to Inquisitor Land Raider
Inquisitor Rhino next to Inquisitor Land Raider

The Land Raider in more detail.

Land Raider with Forgeworld Inquistor Doors
Land Raider with Forgeworld Inquistor Doors

The Rhino in more detail.

Inquisitor Rhino with Forgeworld doors.
Inquisitor Rhino with Forgeworld doors.

Nice models.