Rogue Trader Ork Warbuggy

I recently found the original photograph of my Rogue Trader Ork Warbuggy, so I decided to rescan them as I had only low-res ones on the site.

I had added a jerry can and a (small) oil drum as well. My hazard striped were done by hand (can you tell?).

This was an all metal kit, which made not just the kit rather heavy and challenging to not just to glue together, but to stay together as well.

As for the components, you got the four wheels, the chassis, a rear axle, the engine (with mudguards) a choice of weapons as well as a choice of three drivers and gunners. I did like the variety of crew and guns.

When this was released, Citadel also did a small version, which was awful.

I am not surprised that it didn’t sell, one it didn’t look as cool as the large version and the larger version was only 45p more.

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