Plastic Deffkoptaz

I mentioned in a posting in early May that there was a “possibility” of plastic Deffkoptaz, well here’s a photo of the forthcoming plastic Deffkopta from the (rumoured) new Warhammer 40,000 fifth edition boxed set.

I have to admit I am not that impressed.

They look a lot smaller than the original metal variants, and more like the (new’ish) Epic Armageddon version.

Of course they are plastic and therefore have conversion potential.

Photo source.

Plastic Deffkopta (possibly)

According to Bell of Lost Souls, it is rumoured that…

According to Games Workshop USA Sales Representative Mark Koscielniak, the new Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Starter Boxed Set will include a “Crap-Ton of miniatures”.The new boxed starter, due out in September of this year, will include the popular “mini-rulebook”, dice, measuring sticks and the proverbial French “Crap-Ton” of miniatures including:
1– Space Marine Commander (full sprue)
1– Space Marine Tactical Squad (10 models)
1– Space Marine Terminator Squad (5 models)
1– Space Marine Dreadnought

The set will ALSO include:

1– Ork Warboss
2– Ork Boyz Mobs (20 models total)
1– Ork Nob Mob (5 models)
3– Death Koptas

GW have not included metal miniatures in boxed sets for many years now, so I am guessing that if this listing is accurate then we will see plastic Deffkoptaz!

Of course this is a rumour and it has been rumoured that there would be a plastic Killa Kan or Ork Dreadnought included in the box set.

However we might see plastic versions of all the models on the release of the fifth edition of Warhammer 40K. Note though that the teaser in this month’s White Dwarf was of Space Marines versus Necons, not that that means anything but you never know!

Plastic Killa Kan, perhaps…

There are a few rumours flying about the web that there may be a plastic Ork Killa Kan released sometime this year.

For me one thing which confirms it for me is that in the Ork Codex one of the (new) weapon options for the Killa Kan is the Grotzooka, which is not available as an option on the current metal kit.

It is this which confirms for me that there will be a plastic Killa Kan model this year.

Now whether that will be as a separate kit or as part of a boxed starter set, that is a different question.

Will there be a plastic Stompa kit?

When Games Workshop announced their Apocalypse variant for Warhammer 40K, one image got a lot of gamers excited, a pair of Stompaz!

Ork Stompaz

Initially there was a lot of internet buzz that these were going to be new plastic models, alas it was later found that these were in fact scratchbuilt models.

The only large plastic kit released for Apocalypse was the BaneBlade, however the rules for Stompaz did find there way into the Apocalypse rulebook, so if you built your own you could field them on the gaming table.

Later another (internet) rumour which went round was that Games Workshop had tried to make a plastic Stompa for Apocalypse but were having problems with the moulds and the sprues.

Now with the success of the BaneBlade and the huge increase in orders at Forge World will they try again and release a plastic Stompa?

Well before I answer that question let me firstly quote Jervis Johnson from the current (UK) issue of White Dwarf about the new Orks and the new Ork Codex…

…we’ve got plans for all kinds of new stuff over the course of the year. What else is in the pipeline? Well I’m going to have to keep that a secret for the moment, but suffice to say that 2008 is set to be a very green year indeed…

Now combine that with comments from Seb Perbet at GamesDay 2007 who confirmed to me that the Orks we are seeing being released now are only the first phase and that there will be more Ork released in the spring of 2008.

Finally how about this comment from the Games Workshop site on Stompaz?

There are other Stompa variants – the power-field protected Big Mek’s Stompa with its devastating Lifta-Droppa or the streamlined Go-Fasta Stompa of the Evil Sunz or the heavy Maula employed by the Goffs, but you’ll have to wait to hear more about them.

Now that’s interesting, but you’ll have to wait to hear more about them, does that sound like to you that there could be a plastic kit with variants for the different Ork Clanz?

Why would Games Workshop release a large number of variant Stompa datasheets for Apocalypse when they know that gamers would have to scratchbuild each variant?

Personally I am expecting to see an Ork Stompa in plastic in 2008, do you expect to see one?



What I found out eavesdropping on the managers’ briefing…

Well what a nice surprise.

I am up in Nottingham and popped into Warhammer World to have a look round (expect a further blog post and photos about that later).

So there I was in the Warhammer World shop having a conversation with the staff when they mentioned that they were about to have a managers’ briefing on Apocalypse.

Guess who stayed around to listen in and I managed to get a sneak preview of the rulebook and a look inside many of the boxes of the new miniatures.

Linebreaker Squadron

Okay so we know this box has three Vindicators, and you may have noticed from the box art that they come with reinforced armour. What I found out today is that the box contains the chaos parts as well, so you can make up a Chaos Vindicator squadron out of the box.

Imperial Guard BaneBlade

I had a look inside the box, it’s a lot of plastic.

You don’t get as rumoured any Chaos or Ork parts (the book has a photo of an Orky BaneBlade (Skullhamma) conversion). You do get the new “spare parts” sprue which has been seen on the web.

It is a really nice model, and having now seen it in the flesh it is one big model.

The crew are really nice as well.

Warhammer 40000 Basing Kit

This (unlike before) is not a limited edition. It’s the same size as before and you get four tubs and some etched brass.

You get the two tubs of slate (small and large) as you did with the previous box, two boxes of resin pieces (different to the previous box) and instead of the barbed wire, you get an etched brass sheet which has manhole covers, drains, and other nice bits and pieces.

Apocalypse Book

This is a really nice book, nicely laid out and lots of lovely colour photographs. I liked the four page spread of the Ork battlefield.


The ones we have seen are scratchbuilds/conversions that will not (at this time) be going into production, it was considered, but a decision was made not to.


Very nice backpack with dice, rulebook and templates for £60. Templates are nice and thick as well compared to the normal templates, about quarter of an inch.

Sorry no photographs, I felt that would not be fair on the guys who let me see all the stuff. As I was leaving they packed everything up and took it all away.

Forgeworld Rumours

Forgeworld Rumours, started by me it seems…

It would seem that a few photographs I took at GamesDay UK in October have recently being the source of a few rumours about Forgeworld, that even in the latest FW newsletter, they give out some more information.

The pages from my website which started it all cover the Elysian Drop Troops and the Imperial Armour Volume 3 – Taros Campaign.

The forum posts on Portent which exacerbated it can be found here. Update: Portent is no longer available

This quote from the FW newsletter which kinda confirms it…

We’ve noticed that there have been all sorts of rumours on the internet about the Elysian Drop Troops we’re working on and we thought we might put some of you out there out of your misery with a few facts about what we’re planning.

Okay, Forge World is going to release a whole range of Elysian Drop Troops early in 2005. The troops are made completely of resin and have been sculpted by the famous Simon Egan.

Will Hayes has made all the weapons for the range, the lasgun he has turned into an amazing bull-pup style carbine which will also be available to the troops in a variant with a built in grenade launcher and also a bipod equipped sniper version. I really like the new mortar Will has made which features a drum magazine!

The Elysians are being made in lots of parts to allow an almost limitless variety of poses. Separate heads, bodies, legs, arms and equipment will make for lots of modelling fun.

In my opinion, the Elysians are right up there at the cutting edge of 40K design. These are among some of the finest models Forge World has made, so far! You’ll just have to wait a little while longer until we can show you photos of the finished models, but it will be worth the wait.

Imperial Armour Volume 3 – Taros Campaign should be released in April or May, and the Drop Troops in the next three months.