Will there be a plastic Stompa kit?

When Games Workshop announced their Apocalypse variant for Warhammer 40K, one image got a lot of gamers excited, a pair of Stompaz!

Ork Stompaz

Initially there was a lot of internet buzz that these were going to be new plastic models, alas it was later found that these were in fact scratchbuilt models.

The only large plastic kit released for Apocalypse was the BaneBlade, however the rules for Stompaz did find there way into the Apocalypse rulebook, so if you built your own you could field them on the gaming table.

Later another (internet) rumour which went round was that Games Workshop had tried to make a plastic Stompa for Apocalypse but were having problems with the moulds and the sprues.

Now with the success of the BaneBlade and the huge increase in orders at Forge World will they try again and release a plastic Stompa?

Well before I answer that question let me firstly quote Jervis Johnson from the current (UK) issue of White Dwarf about the new Orks and the new Ork Codex…

…we’ve got plans for all kinds of new stuff over the course of the year. What else is in the pipeline? Well I’m going to have to keep that a secret for the moment, but suffice to say that 2008 is set to be a very green year indeed…

Now combine that with comments from Seb Perbet at GamesDay 2007 who confirmed to me that the Orks we are seeing being released now are only the first phase and that there will be more Ork released in the spring of 2008.

Finally how about this comment from the Games Workshop site on Stompaz?

There are other Stompa variants – the power-field protected Big Mek’s Stompa with its devastating Lifta-Droppa or the streamlined Go-Fasta Stompa of the Evil Sunz or the heavy Maula employed by the Goffs, but you’ll have to wait to hear more about them.

Now that’s interesting, but you’ll have to wait to hear more about them, does that sound like to you that there could be a plastic kit with variants for the different Ork Clanz?

Why would Games Workshop release a large number of variant Stompa datasheets for Apocalypse when they know that gamers would have to scratchbuild each variant?

Personally I am expecting to see an Ork Stompa in plastic in 2008, do you expect to see one?


3 thoughts on “Will there be a plastic Stompa kit?”

  1. i think that of all things games workshop do and get away with like making metal models just to increase the cost i belive that there may well be a plasic ork stompa simply because of the sheer amount of money they would make if they did relese 1 they update and change to keep customers interested and to be honest it works so i belive there will be a plastic stompa and they would not have bothered puting varients and rules for them if they had no intention of making them or at least some sprues to help you make your own any further questions please contact me @ crazy-emo-guy@hotmail.com best wishes: jesse gullick

  2. you want to have a stompa ? I can build anything out of plastic.
    so if I can, everybody else can too. just do it.

  3. I hope they bring them out , they would sell like hot cakes if they did.
    For the time being I am trying to think how to scratch build one..

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