Plastic Killa Kan, perhaps…

There are a few rumours flying about the web that there may be a plastic Ork Killa Kan released sometime this year.

For me one thing which confirms it for me is that in the Ork Codex one of the (new) weapon options for the Killa Kan is the Grotzooka, which is not available as an option on the current metal kit.

It is this which confirms for me that there will be a plastic Killa Kan model this year.

Now whether that will be as a separate kit or as part of a boxed starter set, that is a different question.

2 thoughts on “Plastic Killa Kan, perhaps…”

  1. //I may wait as (as with the Killa Kans) there are weapon options which are not available on the metal model, so there may be a new plastic //

    Not likely. I use the Battlewagon as an example of GW not making models available for codex items.

    I was trying to explain it to my 11 year old son when he was asking if he could use other parts to make space marine vehicles like I had done with my Orks. I tried to communicate the beauty of all-inclusive orkiness, which no other force can emulate. I have parts from every race but Squat and Nid built into my army’s vehicles. An ork vehicle is not an ork vehicle if it looks like the cover of the box.

    The best killa kan in my force is one of the skorcha garbage cans mounted on two old wartrakk treads with a pedal assembly for the feet coming out the bottom. The CCW is made of sprue and card.

    Pedal faster! Waaaugh.


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