Drybrushing the Rhino

The next stage of the modelling journey for my Ork Looted Rhino was to drybrush some detail onto the model.

I had given the Rhino an ink based wash, after this had dried, I gave the model a drybrush.

This brings out the detail, but I did try and avoid being too heavy with the brush.

I will now need to go back over some of the metal details to lose some of the the dusty dirty look.

There is still some work to do, in particular I still need to model the front top hatches.

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Washing a Looted Ork Rhino

I have spent a lot of time and effort working on my Ork Looted Rhino.

Having finished the base coat I gave the Looted Rhino a wash consisting of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown paint (which helps remove the gloss of the ink) and some water to thin the wash down.

It seems to have worked quite well.

Next stage will be a drybrush. See the full workbench feature on the Looted Rhino.

See our gallery of Looted Rhinos.

Ork Looted Rhino Gunner

I have started work on an Ork Gunner for my Looted Rhino. I have used a resin Twin Big Shoota from Forge World. A plastic Ork body and an Imperial turret ring.

Ork Looted Rhino Gunner

Here is how it is looking with the gunner. Not sure what I am going to do with the other hatch space.

Ork Looted Rhino Gunner

I am quite pleased with how the model is looking, I still need to do a lot to the paint job, but conversion wise I like the result so far.

Ork Looted Rhino

I decided looking at my Ork Looted Rhino that I really ought to finish the basecoat. Here is the Ork Rhino as it was. Just the side and front plate needed doing.

Ork Looted Rhino

This actually took me less time then I thought it would. Here it is with the hatch off and the rear ramp down.

Ork Looted Rhino

Next will be to give it a wash of dark ink with some paint to offset the gloss of the ink. Here it is “closed down” with the hatch on and ramp up. The hatch was scratchbuilt.

Ork Looted Rhino

Another view.

Ork Looted Rhino


Ork Looted Rhino

Some more work to do. See how I got to this stage on the main workbench feature.

Painting the Ork Looted Rhino

I have some photographs of the Ork looted Rhino which s receiving its base coat.

This is the left side. You can see I have also done some black on the front panel. I have started the brown with the hatch to see if it worked. I liked it so the whole vehicle was painted. Work in progress.

I used Snakebite Leather (it was this colour or I was thinking of using Vomit Brown I used on my Ork Fighter Bommer).

Another shot

More soon…