Ork Killa Kan

This is the third of my trio of Ork Killa Kans.

Originally I had planned to have a colour body, so the main body of the Killa Kan had a white undercoat as seen in the workbench feature.

Well as I started to paint it I knew that it wasn’t going to work and it wouldn’t look right. Maybe okay if it was a single Killa Kan, but in my squadron of three it was going to look odd. So I stopped painting the colour, let it dry and then went over the area with Chaos Black.

I then drybrushed the (new) black parts, first with Tin Bitz and then lightly with Boltgun Metal. I also painted the rockets with the red Foundation Paint.

See the full workbench feature on the Killa Kan.

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Ork battleline

I am quite pleased with my Ork army and it seems to play well as well.

Here is part of my Ork army at the start of a game.

There are a couple of Killa Kans which are now more effective in the shooting phase as they are crewed by grots who have a BS of 3 compared to the 2 of regular Orks.

A couple of trukks and my Squiggoth. In front of the trukks are a flight of Deffkoptaz.

Kinder Killa Kans

After talking about a possible plastic Killa Kan earlier this week I remembered I had taken some photographs of George Dellapina’s funky scratch-built Killa Kan’s at Bristol Conflict 2004.

This was a very funky army which used a range of toys to good effect for trukks and buggies. The Killa Kans were based around Kinder Eggs (the plastic bit after you have eaten the chocolate).

See more of George’s funky Ork army.

Plastic Killa Kan, perhaps…

There are a few rumours flying about the web that there may be a plastic Ork Killa Kan released sometime this year.

For me one thing which confirms it for me is that in the Ork Codex one of the (new) weapon options for the Killa Kan is the Grotzooka, which is not available as an option on the current metal kit.

It is this which confirms for me that there will be a plastic Killa Kan model this year.

Now whether that will be as a separate kit or as part of a boxed starter set, that is a different question.

Squiggoth on the move

Squiggoth on the move¬†with a bundle of Orks…

In a recent game I used my Ork Squiggoth something I haven’t used for a while. Well let’s just say he didn’t perform as well as he has in other games.

Here he is with some of my Orks and a pair of Killa Kans advancing on Simon’s Imperial Guard.

Squiggoth on the move

The Orks lost by the way…