Pictures from an old Epic battle report

I have lots of pictures on my website which cover a range of different eras, ranges and scales.

It can be quite difficult to find what you might find interesting (and as a webmaster it is quite difficult to decide where to put things). I do have a few battle reports on my website which are quite different to the photographs I usually take, but show a series of photographs from a game.

These pictures are an example of one of my Epic battle reports.

Here Ork fighters attack a detachment of Imperial Baneblade super heavy tanks.

Here an Ork Gargant and a motorised Ork detachment advance.

More pictures from the report here.

Epic Ork Bommerz

With a final drybrush to tone down the wash and accentuate the detail…

Epic Ork Bommerz

I have finished my Forgeworld Epic Ork Bommerz.

Epic Ork Bommerz

I did think about adding some more detail and glyphs, but thought at this small scale it may not work well, and I was pleased with the models as is. I have some metal conversions hanging around which I may try some yellow flames on.

I probably will get some more of these models.

Epic Ork Bommerz

Made quite a bit of progress on these lovely models… Well after doing the metal parts I have spent a bit of time on my Forgeworld Ork Bommerz.

The first thing I did was to do the bases, which starts of as a simple flying base, I stuck a small rock and GW’s sand mix, before painting Bestial Brown and drybrushing with Bleached Bone.

I wanted to go for the orange/brown look of the FW 40K model.

Forge World Ork Bommer

Though I don’t think I will go for the checks or the flame effects which I think wouldn’t work in this scale (painted by me they wouldn’t).

I first painted the underneath in Vomit Brown.

Epic Ork Bommerz

This meant that I could avoid getting paint on the black metal work.

Epic Ork Bommerz

After painting the complete model in Vomit Brown, I painted the bomb loads in Bestial Brown after thinking that black would be too harsh. I then gave the model a wash. In the following picture the washed model is still wet!

Epic Ork Bommerz

Once the model was completely painted in Vomit Brown I then washed the model with a wash of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown and water.

Epic Ork Bommerz

As you can see one model is darker than the other, but I don’t think Orks are that uniform.

Epic Ork Bommerz

I still need to do add some more detailing.

Epic Ork Bommerz

The detail on these models is amazing.

Epic Ork Bommerz

Ork Bommerz

Ork Bommerz are slightly fiddly…

I am currently putting together the Forgeworld Epic Ork Bommers.

They are really nice castings and well detailed, but are somewhat fiddly to put together as the kits contain very small parts.

Each Bommer comes with six bombs, I am going to only glue four on as I will use the spares for the ground vehicles that I am converting for use on the airfield.

These ground vehicles will include fuel trucks, crane trucks, weaponload trucks, tow vehicles and other types of vehicles you would expect to see on an Ork airfield.

I also hoping that Forgeworld will release the trailers (especially the tanker trailer) from their 40K scale range in Epic scale – this will give me a lot of conversion material.

Forge World Ork Bommer Bitz

What you get in the little bag…

Here is a picture of the component parts of the Forgeworld Ork Bommer.

The main fiddly bit looks like will be the bomb load.

They are very detailed models and I am very impressed with the casting and the quality of the models.

These will make a fine addition to my Ork Airfield Defence Force and I am now very tempted to get some of the FW Ork Fighters as well.

Comparative Picture – how big are those Forgeworld flyers…

The following photograph gives you some idea of the comparative size between the Forgeworld Ork flyers and the original Epic 40K versions.

As you can see the Forgeworld model (even without the wings or tail) is substantially larger than the Epic 40K model.

I much prefer the more in-scale version, though I was quite the fan of the Epic40K models.