Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversions

Even though I had stuck all my Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons together and undercoated them, I have now decided that I want to use some of the excellent weapons on some Squiggoths!

I managed to get a Kannon and a Lobba off the models (well I did manage to “break” another Lobba, but glued it back into position).

With the two empty Gunwagons, with one I have added a buggy gunner and the other is going to get a Pulsa Rokkitt.

Finally got my copy…

But it’s not as though I was over eager really…

Well I finally managed to get a copy of the Epic Armageddon rulebook…

This sounds like I was desperate to get a copy and that I had searched high and low! Well the reality was when the rulebook came out I did try and get a copy, but my local GW had none in stock (allegedly they had sold them to all the staff). I know I could have purchased a copy by Mail Order, but when I did my last GW Mail Order I got some fantasy orcs instead!

Today I popped into one of my local GW stores and they had a few copies, so I thought oh go on get a copy, so I did.

It is really really nicely put together and I was impressed.

What was also nice was that I was only charged £20 (rather than the list price of £25).

The manager complained as too many people were buying it and he was having to order more copies!

A friend of mine (in a different GW store) was initially charged £40, then £60 came up on the till before eventully he was charged £20 also!

Next phase of miniatures released

Online store and White Dwarf has details of the new models…

The Games Workshop Online Store now has details of the next phase of Epic Armageddon miniatures.

They consist of Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Orks. Some are obviously re-releases of the older Epic40K models, but there are new models as well.

My favourite is the Ork Battle Fortress, however it does look better in White Dwarf then it does in the online store… even though it is the same picture!

Another nice model are the new Space Marine Bikes which are based on the Epic40K attack bike (which was based on the 40K scale model) as opposed to the original smooth streamlined plastic models.

Pricing is somewhat as expected but some models seem to be same price as Epic40K and others are much much higher and in some cases cheaper!

Epic Ork Trukks

The new models are rather nice…

Managed to see a blister of the new Ork Trukks (or battlewagons as they are referred to) and though most are new, some are conversions of the older models (as we were promised) and it does seem a little strange to see the Flakwagon Trukk as a whole casting as opposed to the three part I am use to.

Epic Scale Chaos Death Wheel

Wonderful model of a vehicle I didn’t know actually existed…

I didn’t even know Chaos had a vehicle called a Death Wheel…

It’s from the same website that the excellent Chaos Defiler came from which I have mentioned before.

The models are well constructed, well painted and beautifully photographed as well.

Excellent work.

See how it was done.

No Epic Armageddon

My local GW store had no copies left of the Epic Armageddon rulebook and very few miniatures as well (some Gargants, a Reaver and a few plastic Orks).

According to one of my sources, the staff in the GW store had purchased all the copies ordered… this is a bit unfair, especially as they get an alleged 50% staff discount.

So I couldn’t get my copy, so I bought some paint and a copy of Warmaster Magazine #21 – still need to buy #20 though!

Epic Scale Chaos Defiler

An excellent small web article on how to create an epic scale model of this Chaos vehicle…

Was referred to this website from a posting on the official Epic Forums, and I was very impressed with this excellent little conversion of the Chaos Defiler.

The vehicle is made from components available as bitz from GW US Mail Order and includes Man O War and Chaos Land Raider bitz.

You can find out how it was built and what components were used at Audrey’s Conversion Corner.

See how it was done.

Old Terrain Tiles from 1990 or thereabouts…

In my garage (as I suspect is the case with many gamers) is a load of old gaming stuff. Much of the good quality stuff has been sold on eBay, however in a box is one of my first terrain experiments for 6mm games.

I was once inspired by an article from Miniature Wargames issue #13 in which a gamer had described how he created some superb WWII terrain tiles. Taking his cue, and using 10mm cork tiles I created a series of 6mm terrain tiles with hills, hedges and roads.

Incorporating cork bark, some of the hills had rocky features. The “grass” was flocked and then painted (to keep it in place) and then drybrushed.

It worked well except for one major flaw!

Some of the cork tiles warped making it very unuseable. Eventually they were replaced with commercial flocked tiles.