Epic Junkatrukks

I have made some progress with my Feral Ork Junkatrukks.

They have been undercoated.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

I much prefer using a white undercoat when painting models in reds, yellows or orange. If I am going for a dark look then I will use a black undercoat.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

I have also added the metal areas, by given them a base coat of black.

Epic Ork Junkatrukks

This will be drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal, I will then touch up the white areas before painting the bodywork in reds, yellows and orange colours.

Paint doesn’t stick to the underneath of the Ork Gunwagons

These have been sitting around since I undercoated them (doing other stuff), however when I did undercoat them I didn’t undercoat the underneath (rarely do with metal models). Started the black parts when I realised that the underneath (which was fresh resin) would not accept the acrylic paint I was using.

Epic Ork Gunwagon

It looks like I will be forced to undercoat the underneath before I can continue with the paint job.

Epic Feral Ork Infantry

Trying something slightly different…

Those of you who have seen Carl Woodrow’s EA Terminators will have realised he has followed Mark Bedford’s lead and based them on 40mm x 20mm (read Warmaster) bases.

I have decided to do the same with my Feral Orks as they are even less organised than a regular ork army that I will base the infantry using 40mm x 20mm bases (read Warmaster bases) and put seven models on each base.

The first few bases look very different to the line of infantry you get with the regular Epic40K 20mm x 5mm bases.

Epic Feral Ork Infantry

Epic Junka Trukks

Using Epic Armageddon Battlewagonz as Feral Ork Junkatrukks…

I have decided to use two type of model for my Feral Ork army. One is original Epic40K Flagwagons the other are the new Epic Armageddon Battlewagonz.

The Battlewagonz blister contains five models of three types.

Epic Junka Trukks

They are very nice models.

Epic Junka Trukks

Though I would say that the Epic40K flakwagon (being in three parts) is more detailed then the new all-in-one Battlewagon variant contained in this blister.

Chaos Land Raiders

Digging through some old Epic models I found these conversions…

I was digging about in my model boxes when I found these conversions I had done in the 1990s.

Epic Chaos Land Raiders

They were made from the original SM era plastic Land Raider models with metal titan weapons.

The paint job is a bit below my usual standard, they were painted red, given an ink wash and then blacklined with a pen.

Unfortunately over time they have picked up some fluff….

Ork Objectives

Still looking for ideas…

Out there quite a few people are building objectives for games of Epic Armageddon, a good example of this is the Dropship website.

I have decided to make some Ork objectives, so far I have started on a watchtower and am aiming to make a few more such as a crashed spaceship, a large Krooz Missile, a junk heap, and a Gargant (half-made or semi-destroyed – is there a difference).

Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversions

Even though I had stuck all my Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons together and undercoated them, I have now decided that I want to use some of the excellent weapons on some Squiggoths!

I managed to get a Kannon and a Lobba off the models (well I did manage to “break” another Lobba, but glued it back into position).

With the two empty Gunwagons, with one I have added a buggy gunner and the other is going to get a Pulsa Rokkitt.