Epic Orks

Going through some old blog posts I found that I had posted these images back in 2004. They were some of the first photographs I had taken with a DSLR of my Epic miniatures.

Most of these images used an aperture of f32 and anything up to a ten second exposure which meant using a tripod and avoiding knocking the camera.

Epic Grot Bomb Launcha conversion of Wartrakk and Ork Rokitt

Big Gunz – Zapp Gun

I do like the Big Gunz models that have been produced for the Orks, I don’t like the lists that all the Big Gunz have to be the same (though tactically I know that is better). I already have a Kannon so was pleasantly surprised when my mother in law for my birthday gave me a Zapp Gun.

It was easy to put together, though no instructions where to put the extra bitz, so they could be in the right place, more likely they are in the wrong place…

Big Gunz - Zapp Gun

It comes with two krew, but in reality you need more than two as they die very easily at which point the gun becomes useless.

I have already three extra krew which I got sometime ago, but never finished painting.

Big Gunz - Zapp Gun Grew

Two are gun krew whilst the model on the left is from the Skorcha model.

They are undercoated white, painted Goblin Green so far and equipment has been painted black ready for a drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

Fighting Withdrawal

New Warhammer 40K battle report added to website…

This was an interesting game. Simon had just finished his 40K scale Forgeworld Valkyrie and wanted to use it in a game. Knowing his “luck” I expected that the Valkyrie would fly in and one of my grots would take a shot and shoot it down… at which point Simon would be slightly annoyed!

Therefore I created this scenario which has forty Imperial Guard, with Heavy Weapons, a Tarantula Sentry Gun but no tanks. They would be dug into one end of the table and their objective was to get at least twenty troops off the table.

They would be taken off table by a flight of Valkyries that would fly in, strafe the Orks before landing, allowing the Imperial Guard to embark and fly off.

My Orks job to stop all this!

See the report.