Ork Great Gargant

At GamesDay 2003 there were a lot of Forge World Warhound Titans which has just been released. Amongst all that Imperial heavy armour was this lone Ork Great Gargant.

Ork Great Gargant

This was from Armorcast in the days before Games Workshop took large scale resin models back in house and created Forge World. It was only (in theory) available in the USA and was very difficult if not impossible to get in the UK.

If I could find one, afford one and have the time to paint one, I really would like to get hold of this model, but alas I think everything is against me!

Forge World seem to have no intention of making an Ork Gargant, even with the “green tide” of the new Ork Codex, we have seen very little if any new Ork stuff. There has been a rumour shot of a souped up Ork Trukk…

Ork Trukk

and some ammo grunts….

Ammo grunts

but apart from those, very little else.

Though I do wonder what else Forge World may be planning…

Detailing the Wartrakk

Having done the main basecoat, wash and drybrush on my Ork Wartrakk, the next stage was to weather and detail the model.

I then started the weathering and detailing process on the Wartrakk. This included scratch marks, rust, flaking paint. It also included painting in the straps and the headlights.

Looking at this under the harsh glare of the digital camera, some of it looks like it might need a little more work, it never surprises me how forgiving the eye is, compared to the camera.

The rear view, note the use of Forge World Ork glyphs (which are way too thick).

Basically apart from the main weapon and the driver, I think this is now finished.

See the full workbench feature on the Wartrakk.

Epic Baneblade Super Heavy Tank

Though we now have the new plastic kit of the Imperial Guard Baneblade it was the Epic version which inspired the resin Forge World model and now the new plastic kit.

This is the Epic 40000 version which is now ten years old.

Though of course there were earlier versions for the previous version of the Epic rules, Space Marine.

See more Epic Super Heavy Tanks.

Ork Kommandos

I have added materials from the urban basing kit to my Ork Kommandos.

I didn’t use any of the resin pieces, but used the large and small slate. I think I will add some barbed wire as well.

I initially decided to paint their backpacks separately, so thought of how I would need to mount them. After much thought (and a fair bit of procrastination) I decided against that idea and stuck the backpacks on.

The Kommandos come with two different backpacks, I’ve thought with the Stikkbombz and Tankbombz that these models would make good Tankbustaz.

Here are the Kommandos.

Here is the Kommandos Mob complete with Big Shoota and Burna.

Next stage will be the undercoat.