What I found out eavesdropping on the managers’ briefing…

Well what a nice surprise.

I am up in Nottingham and popped into Warhammer World to have a look round (expect a further blog post and photos about that later).

So there I was in the Warhammer World shop having a conversation with the staff when they mentioned that they were about to have a managers’ briefing on Apocalypse.

Guess who stayed around to listen in and I managed to get a sneak preview of the rulebook and a look inside many of the boxes of the new miniatures.

Linebreaker Squadron

Okay so we know this box has three Vindicators, and you may have noticed from the box art that they come with reinforced armour. What I found out today is that the box contains the chaos parts as well, so you can make up a Chaos Vindicator squadron out of the box.

Imperial Guard BaneBlade

I had a look inside the box, it’s a lot of plastic.

You don’t get as rumoured any Chaos or Ork parts (the book has a photo of an Orky BaneBlade (Skullhamma) conversion). You do get the new “spare parts” sprue which has been seen on the web.

It is a really nice model, and having now seen it in the flesh it is one big model.

The crew are really nice as well.

Warhammer 40000 Basing Kit

This (unlike before) is not a limited edition. It’s the same size as before and you get four tubs and some etched brass.

You get the two tubs of slate (small and large) as you did with the previous box, two boxes of resin pieces (different to the previous box) and instead of the barbed wire, you get an etched brass sheet which has manhole covers, drains, and other nice bits and pieces.

Apocalypse Book

This is a really nice book, nicely laid out and lots of lovely colour photographs. I liked the four page spread of the Ork battlefield.


The ones we have seen are scratchbuilds/conversions that will not (at this time) be going into production, it was considered, but a decision was made not to.


Very nice backpack with dice, rulebook and templates for £60. Templates are nice and thick as well compared to the normal templates, about quarter of an inch.

Sorry no photographs, I felt that would not be fair on the guys who let me see all the stuff. As I was leaving they packed everything up and took it all away.

Plastic Imperial Guard BaneBlade

In the latest issue of White Dward (#333) we finally find out the price of the new plastic Imperial Guard BaneBlade.

It’s £60!

Plastic Imperial Guard BaneBlade

It comes in a big box and as well as seven sprues (250 odd parts) you also get a chaos sprue, a traitor sprue and an Ork sprue for potential conversions (or so I’ve heard).

I have also heard that GW shops in the UK will be getting two models around or on the 13th September. One they will be build and one to show people the parts.

It actually goes on sale on the 13th October in the UK, however I suspect that we will almost certainly see the new model on sale at GamesDay at the end of September, if it isn’t there on sale then I will eat my blog!

Imperial Guard Armoured Company

An Epic Imperial Guard Armoured Company moves through the ruins of an Imperial city.

Imperial Guard Armoured Company

I do like these Epic miniatures and though they were fiddly to put together (these are the Epic40K era miniatures) compared to the current Epic Armageddon miniatures I like the flexibility that the multi-part miniatures allowed.

Etched Brass from Forgeworld

In my recent order to Forgeworld I took the opportunity to order one of the etched brass pieces which Forgeworld have been selling over the last few years.

They are much smaller than you think they will be, just 4½” long.

Etched Brass from Forgeworld

However despite the smaller than expected size I was impressed with the quantity and quality of the designs.

I will be using them on my Repressor, Razorback and Mark IIb Land Raider.