Sqwadron Commander

Forgeworld’s Ork Squadron Commaner or Sqwadron Commander is a limited edition miniature which you can only purchase an events. I managed to get one when I was at GamesDay 2007.

This resin model comprises of two castings and three parts.

This is the rear view.

It is a really nice casting and I am looking forward to painting it.

The model goes together really nicely.

I “flocked” the base with Games Workshop’s modelling sand.

Next stage was a white undercoat, this is different to what I usually use with my Orks.

Decided to revisit this model.

I used the (new for me at the time) Ork Flesh Contrast Paint to paint the Ork skin.

I then drybrushed with Warboss Green, before I added some highlights to the Commander using Citadel Dry paint, Niblet Green to add highlights. I then did further highlights using Hexos Palesun.

I also painted his pistol with Leadbelcher.