Forge World Newsletter #187

Forge World Newsletter #187

Imperial Armour Apocalypse

Hi There,

This is our first newsletter for a while and the reason is we`ve been just so incredibly busy! So busy in fact that we`ve had to lay on an extra shift in resin production to keep up with extraordinary demand for our stuff. While this is clearly no bad thing it has led to some order delays, so if you`ve still an order outstanding with us, thank you for your patience and we`re doing our best to get it to you as quickly as we can.

We do have a few announcements to make about Christmas Delivery times and the first preview of our new book: Imperial Armour Apocalypse.

Alan Bligh

Forge World Christmas Order Dates

Christmas is fast approaching again and we thought we`d let you know our last order dates for holiday delivery. Your order should reach us no later than the date listed for your preferred delivery option. These dates are all dependant on available stock, and so if you`ve a specific item you really need in time for Christmas (particularly if it`s something big like a Titan), the best thing to do is get your order in to us as quickly as possible!

Royal Mail via Airmail (outside of the UK) – 3rd December

Royal Mail First Class (within the UK) -10th December

UPS Express (UK and International) -17th December

Imperial Armour Apocalypse

Our preview this newsletter is for the upcoming book; Imperial Armour Apocalypse. This new hardback contains everything you`ll need to use your collection of Forge World models to fight apocalyptic battles in conjunction with Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse. Imperial Armour Apocalypse can be also be used for Warhammer 40,000 and it replaces Imperial Armour Update 2006, plus it updates the Imperial Armour hardback books where necessary. The book is packed with 67 new datafaxes, covering our range from Imperial Guard super-heavy tanks like the Shadowsword, and Malcador, to the terrifying weapons of Chaos and their Daemon Lords, to the war machines of the Orks and Eldar and monstrous creatures like the Scythed Hierodule and Trygon.

There are also 25 new battle formations, including the Space Marine Drop Pod assault force, Ork Tanka Mobs, Eldar Serpent Rider Hosts, Winged Tyranid Swarms and Tau Pathfinder Search and Destroy Cadre to the Necron Undying Legion and the Chaos Deathclaw Talon wing.

You can see the cover for this forthcoming book Here. The book should be available around Christmas time so keep your eye on future newsletters for more details.

IPMS Show – Scale Model World

Forge World will be attending the Scale Model World event (IPMS show) at Telford International Centre on the 10th and 11th of November. This is the last show of 2007 that Forge World will be attending. The Forge World stand is compact and we are unable to take our full range of products. So, to make sure you get the models you want it is advisable to place a reservation order. To place a reservation order (to be picked up and paid for at the event) just give us a call or email us at Reservation orders for this event should reach us no later than the 5th of November.

Contacting Forge World

If you need to contact us for any reason the best thing to do is give us a ring on 0115 916 8177 from within the UK, 01144 115 916 8177 from the US or Canada and 0044 115 916 8177 from within Europe. While we can be contacted by email we are very busy at the moment so if your query is of an urgent nature it`s best to give us a call. Our lines are open between 9 am and 6 pm Monday-Friday UK time.

The new book looks really nice.

Saurus and Slann

A wonderful unit of Saurus Warriors with a Slann leading them.

Saurus Warriors

Part of the ‘Eavy Metal Lizardmen Army on display at Warhammer World.

Warhammer World Miniatures Display

This is just one part of the huge display of Citadel Miniatures that can be found at Warhammer World at the head office of Games Workshop in Nottingham.

There are some wonderful miniatures and armies here, including some nice archive stuff as well as some of the newer more recent armies.

If you think they look good painted in White Dwarf, they seem to be even better in the flesh.

I certainly enjoyed my visit there.

Update: see the photographs I took on that visit to Warhammer World

Epic scale Ork Bommerz

Here are some pictures of the Forgeworld Epic scale Ork Bommer for Aeronautica Imperialis.

Epic scale Ork Bommer

Though these were announced a few months ago, it was nice to see them for real at GamesDay 2007.

Epic scale Ork Bommerz

They are really nicely done models with a lot of character.

Epic scale Ork Bommerz

They’re not quite as I envisaged what Ork heavy bommerz would look like, these seem to be just more bulbous Ork fighters, whereas I imagined something along the lines of a spindly Marauder, maybe a little like a RAF Lancaster or Short Stirling from World War Two.

Copyright law stops fan film

It would appear that a fan film set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe will never be shown down to German copyright law.

Four years in the planning Damnatus, made by German fans of the Warhammer 40,000 game, cost more than 10,000 euros, took months to film, employs 11 principal actors, dozens of extras and sophisticated post-production special effects. Now finished the film runs to 110 minutes.

But Huan Vu, director and producer of the movie, said Damnatus’ creators have now given up trying to get the film in front of an audience. Mr Vu said that, despite lengthy negotiations with Games Workshop, the company has refused to give permission for the film to be shown.

I understand where GW is coming from, but it is a pity that there is no solution.