Forge World Newsletter #174


Hello All,

Well the wait is finally over and we at Forge World are proud to present Imperial Armour Volume Five: The Siege of Vraks, the first part of an epic campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Following on in the tradition of our previous Imperial Armour releases, Volume Five is a lavish, large format 192-page hardback that also includes a massive double-sided poster map. It`s available to pre-order now and this newsletter is a sneak preview of what you`ll find inside.
Alan Bligh
Forge World

Cover In the Strife-Torn Scarus Sector, a World Falls into Darkness…
When the sector authorities realise that world of Vrax had fallen silent, no one could imagine the terrible war that would eventually follow. Vrax, a fortified Munitorium supply depot and storehouse for millions of tons of arms laid by against the eternal threat from the Eye of Terror, has succumbed to the megalomaniacal ambitions of one man; the treacherous and heretic Cardinal Xaphan. Its population isolated and led astray by Xaphan’s lies, its people are slowly corrupted and duped into the service of Chaos. In the gruelling war that follows the task of re-taking the world for the Imperium is given to the grim and relentless soldiers of the Death Korps of Krieg, but as the bloody siege develops other secretive and sinister forces gather, and soon the mysterious and dreaded Dark Angels appear with an agenda of their own…

The Siege of Vraks: Part 1 comprises an exhaustive and detailed narrative of the opening stages of the brutal war on Vraks, accompanied by many full-colour and black-and-white illustrations and maps, all finished to high standard you’ve come to expect from us. You`ll find included detailed background features for the forces that contest the rebel world; the Death Korps of Krieg, the Vraxian Renegade Militia and the Dark Angels intervention force including unit organisation charts, vehicle schematics and full colour layouts for each (not to mention some fantastic colour plates by the iconic artist Karl Kopinski). To help you fight your own war for Vrax the book includes two complete army lists; The Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment list and the Renegades & Heretics army list, along with all the new rules you’ll need (including those for the Marcharius Heavy Tank, Thudd Gun, Heavy Mortar, Gorgon Assault Carrier, Death Riders, Leman Russ Annihilator, Centaur Carrier, Ogyrn Berserkers and more.) The book also contains seven historical re-fight scenarios and appendices featuring up-to-date rules for using Forge World super-heavy vehicles and flyers in your battles.

Also with the book we`ve included a full-colour double-sided poster map A0 in size (that`s 33.1 inches [841mm] by 46.8 inches [1189mm] or 1m2!) One side is a detailed map of the Vrax siege battle zone illustrated by our own Paul Rudge, while the other features pages from the book detailing the Death Korps Siege Regiment`s organisation, uniforms and wargear. We`ve also made this poster available separately (supplied unfolded in special protective tube packaging), for those of you who`d like an extra one (or two) for your wall.

Order Now!
Imperial Armour Five: The Siege of Vrax Part 1 and the special poster is available now for pre-order and release from the 21st of May onwards, and what`s more the first 500 copies pre-ordered online will be individually signed by the book`s principle writer Warwick Kinrade!

All-in-all Volume Five I think is our most exciting and jam-packed publication to date, and remember that the epic story of the struggle for Vrax will continue in Imperial Armour Volume Six as the bitter conflict escalates and the forces of Chaos show their true hand…

New Forge World 2007 catalogue now available
We have just taken delivery of the brand new Forge World 2007 catalogue and started to send it out. If you have requested a free catalogue in the last few weeks then one will be on its way out to you very soon. If you haven’t and would like to receive one, just send us your name and postal address to and we’ll get one in the post to you just as soon as we can.

Forthcoming Events
Forge World will be attending Games Day Atlanta on the 28th of April, and Games Day Canada on the 5th of May, where you’ll get a chance to get a sneak peak at some new releases and get hold of our Show Only Models. Unfortunately our reservation window for Games Day Atlanta has now closed, but if you`d like to place a reservation for Games Day Canada you still have until April the 29th to get that in to us, (just send an email titled `Games Day Canada` to telling us your name and a list of what you want to order, you’ll receive an email confirmation, and simply pick up and pay for it on the day).

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Forge World Newsletter #173


Hi folks, and welcome to the 173rd Forge World Newsletter.
Hi, and welcome to the Forge World Newsletter. In this issue we`ll be taking a long, hard look at some of the most anticipated Forge World releases for months: The Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders! We also have some news on our next big book, the soon to be released `Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks, Part 1` and the release of several Leman Russ turrets too.

Ewen Little
Forge World.

Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders
Although superficially similar to cavalry units found among some other Imperial Guard regiments, the Death Riders of Krieg are very different indeed. The most obvious aspect of this is the nature of their mounts, the legendary Krieg steed. Highly adapted from the biological original, this animal is the product of many years of extreme genetic engineering; specifically tailored for strength, endurance and aggression with numerous additional bio-sculpted organs and sub-dermal organic armour and a fully integrated drug injection system…
The overriding opinion around the Forge World offices is that these Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders are some of the best models that we have made to date. I think I have to agree with that consensus; these Death Riders are truly lovely models!

What Daniel Cockersell, Simon Egan and Will Hayes, the three guys who created these little works of art have given us to play with are five gorgeous individual models that can be bought either individually or as a section of five. (I did check the Death Rider unit entry in `Imperial Armour Volume 5` and they are fielded in units of between five and ten.)

Each Death Rider is beautifully rendered as one large piece, integral with his steed which has two separate legs, cunningly removed to allow ease of casting and all that lovely detail to be kept perfect. The right arms that carry the hunting lances are all separate resin components, as are the re-breather units for the steeds, lance heads, pennants, accessories and the ever-present entrenching tool that no Death Korps guardsman would been without. Death Rider 1 includes two arms, one a regular Death Rider arm, the other displaying a badge of rank so that he can be assembled as the unit leader, a rank known as Ridemaster. The lances themselves we wanted to be realistic looking and so we decided to use pre-cut lengths of brass rod for strength and durability. The Death Riders` gloved hands have been sculpted to wrap around the lance and grip the lance in a natural pose. The resin lance heads and pennants simply slide onto the top of the rod and are stuck in place with a touch of glue to make a very elegant and believable cavalry weapon.

The Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders are available to pre-order from Forge World`s online store right now for release week commencing Monday May 1st both as a box of all five different models or individually. I think these are going to be very, very popular, so if you want to get them shipped out to you on the week of release, take my advice and pre-order them immediately!

New Forge World 2007 catalogue now available
We have just taken delivery of the brand new Forge World 2007 catalogue and started to send it out. If you have requested a free catalogue in the last few weeks then one will be on its way out to you very soon. If you haven’t and would like to receive one, just send us your name and postal address to and we’ll get one in the post to you just as soon as we can.

It’s nearly here! `Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks, Part 1`
This is Forge World`s fifth large format hardback book, and the campaign being reported therein is so huge that we have had to split it into across at least two books! We should have this 196 page book back from the printers in the next few weeks, so just as soon as I have a confirmed delivery date from them we’ll be able to set a release date. Without giving too much away about the book itself today, something new is the addition of a double-sided poster, folded and included with every copy.

I hope to be able to have the release information and to share some example pages with you in the very next issue of the Forge World newsletter, so watch your inboxes!

Newly available: Ryza pattern Leman Russ turrets
Available to pre-order from today onwards at Forge World`s online store for release week commencing Monday May 1st, we have six Ryza pattern Leman Russ tank turrets: Vanquisher, Executioner, Exterminator, Annihilator, Demolisher and Leman Russ. These were previously available as part of complete Death Korps of Krieg tank kits but popular demand was SO popular that we have changed a few things around to make all six turrets available separately to Imperial Guard commanders and collectors. Now these great turret designs will be able to equip the armoured forces of Vostroyans, Cadians, Valhallans and Mordians to name but a few.

Final call for Games Day Canada reservations!
On Saturday May 5th, Forge World will be in the MTCC in Toronto for Games Day Canada. At a mega-busy show like this one, the Forge World sales stand can run out of things, sometimes very quickly indeed! If you want to be certain of getting the Forge World models you want on the day, please think seriously about placing a reservation order. Just send an email titled `Games Day Canada` to telling us your name and a list of what you want to order by April 29th at the absolute latest. We’ll confirm your order by email so you know we have it, then we ship it over there with your name all over it and then you just collect and pay for it during the day. What could be simpler?

Forge World
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Big Warhammer Book

I have posted previously pictures from the three-up Warhammer game which was ran at GamesDay 2006. As well as miniatures and scenery they also had a rulebook.

Which was three times as big as the normal rulebook.

It was big and cumbersome.

Oh and there on the right is Aly Morrison the man who came up with this idea and absolutely denied any chance of any three up models ever going on sale.

How do you make your Death Korps of Krieg look realistic…

Well you dress someone up and then take some photographs…

The Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg infantry models are really excellent, well sculptured and beautifully designed.

How do you make your Death Korps of Krieg look realistic in the first place. Well it would seem that Forgeworld took one of their staff and dressed him up in some kit, a gas mask and gave him a old rifle.

Not a bad way of doing it, these are just some of the many photographs that were taken to give the poses a realistic look and feel.

Just shows how much work goes into these models.

Foundation Paints

Yesterday Games Workshop released their new Foundation paints, a range of pigment heavy paints which reputedly are better at covering black undercoats then their usual paints.

Initially they are releasing the eighteen paint range as a boxed set, with individual paints been available later.

I did manage to get a box yesterday, the Games Workshop in Cribbs Causeway had something like sixty boxes, but most of them were reserved. I bought one of the few remaining boxes that weren’t reserved.

I have not used them yet, but the jars are smaller than the standard citadel colour jars.

It will be interesting to try them out.