Imperial Guard Tank Landing Craft

Epic conversion using the Airfix LCVP kit…

I have always had a fondness for the concept of small craft naval actions in Epic, reminiscent of the brown water forces of the Vietnam War.

I have just purchased a 1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft.

1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft

I didn’t know this kit existed until recently when I saw it as part of a larger D-Day boxed set. I knew Airfix had made a tank landing craft in the past (which came with a Sherman tank and is still available (and was also in the D-Day boxed set)) but always thought it was too big for converting into an Epic size vessel.

This infantry landing craft is as you might expect much smaller and therefore makes it ideal conversion material.

1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft

The kit is pretty good in that it also contains components to make beach obstacles.

It is a full hull kit, so I will probably need to sand the base down a little to make it a waterline kit.

The real task will be epicising the model to make it look similar to the Epic models and less a 1/72nd kit. For this I will use plastic strip and lots of bits from Epic models such as Hydra turrets.

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