Forge World Newsletter #194

News of the big new Titan.

Hi There,
The great announcement this Newsletter is the arrival of the mighty Reaver Titan for pre-order. Much anticipated since we first showed a prototype of the model back at Games Day UK last year, this huge model kit is now finished and available to order. It’s caused quite a stir while previewed at our recent events, having garnered lots of excited interest (and its fair share of “ooos” and “aaahs,”) and here it is at last for everyone to see in full!
Alan Bligh

Reaver Titan

The Mars Pattern Reaver Titan

The long awaited Reaver, designed by Will Hayes, is a fantastic model which is not only impressively huge, it`s also highly detailed, and comes complete with a full set of crew and a numbered certificate. You can find plenty of pictures of this extraordinary model, including interior detail shots Here on our website, with two examples painted in the colours of the Warp Runners by Phil Stutchinskas and the War Griffons Legion by Stuart Witter.

This huge model is a veritable goliath of the battlefield weighing in at well over twice the weight of a Warhound Titan, and standing at 400mm (approx) 16” high and 255mm (approx) 10” from shoulder to shoulder!

As well as being a truly imposing presence on the battlefield, it is, as you would expect from a Battle Titan, a terrifying opponent in gaming terms, and you can find experimental trial rules for the Titan for your Apocalypse games here. With lots of firepower and great durability thanks to its structure points and void shields, we’ve had it taking on multiple Scout Titans during play test and wiping the floor with slews of lesser super heavies! As well as dominating the tabletop, the Reaver would also make a stunning display model for collectors and a great painting project for hobbyists and gamers alike.

The Reaver Titan is available in three weapons combinations, each features the carapace mounted Apocalypse Missile Launcher, and it is available either with a Gatling Blaster and Turbo Laser Blaster, or with two Gatling Blasters or two Turbo Laser Blasters.
The Reaver Titan is available to pre order now with shipping from the 26th of May. However if you want a Reaver as soon as possible, we recommend you order soon, as we will only be making a few of these large and complex models each week.

New Catalogue

In the next few days Forge World will be releasing its new 2008 catalogue. If you would like a copy of the catalogue (which is free regardless of wherever you are in the world), please get in touch with us at our catalogue request email address at or give a ring and we’ll take your address details and get you one sent out.

Games Baltimore and Canada

Forge World will also be attending both Games Day Baltimore in the US on the 14th of June and Games Day Canada in Toronto on the 21st of June, and as usual, you will be able to place reservation orders with us to pick up and pay for at the event. Owing to ongoing demand for our models, we may not be able to take a full range of stock to these events, so if you would like to place a reservation order, please get the details to us as soon as possible, as the earlier you do so, the better your chances are of getting exactly what you are after on the day! Also, we are hoping to have a few Reaver Titans for sale at these events, but if you are definitely after one, we recommend you to place a reservation for it.

The final deadline for reservations for Games Day Baltimore is the 26th of May, and for Games Day Canada the 2nd of June.

Forge World Newsletter #193

Oh, new BIG Reaver Titan… If you want to see the work in progress have a look here.

Hi There, This Sunday, the 6th of April Forge World will be holding its second Open Day at Warhammer World in Nottingham, full details of which can be found in this newsletter. This is going to be a fantastic event and best of all its free to enter.
Also we have a new catalogue to announce and your last chance to reserve an order for Games Day France or the Salute show in London.

Alan Bligh

Forge World Open Day 2008
The Open Day is a great chance to come along and see what we have in store for you in the coming year, and our whole studio staff will be in attendance for you to come and talk to. You`ll also see many of their current projects, new and forthcoming models as well as previews of our next two book releases Imperial Armour Vol 6: The Siege of Vraks Part 2 and our Imperial Armour modelling book. You`ll also be able to take a look at the new Chaos Marine Death Guard and Khorne World Eaters conversion sets, as well as some forthcoming additions to the Krieg range, some new super-heavy kits we have on the way, and the long-awaited new Eldar super heavy tank, and much more. Doors open at 10am and the Open Day itself will continue until 4pm. Admission will be free at the door.
Special Sneak Peaks
In this newsletter we have two very special previews for the Open Day to show you. The first is the amazing new Reaver Titan designed by Will Hayes. The mighty Reaver is now finished and you will be able to pre-order it at the Open Day! This will be the first chance to pre-order this truly stunning model. Rather than spoil the surprise of what the finished model looks like, Here’s just a teaser shot of the Titan’s foot with a Space Marine model to scale this beast!
Our second special preview is of our new special edition show only model for 2008; the Reaver Titan Princeps who you can see pictures of Here. This model will be available in Very Limited quantities for sale at the Open Day, but will be available at other events we attend throughout the year. Our other current show-only models will also be available at the Open Day.
New Catalogue
At the end of April Forge World will be releasing its new 2008 catalogue. If you would like a copy of the catalogue (which is free regardless of wherever you are in the world), please get in touch with us at our catalogue request email address at or give a ring at we’ll take your address details and get you one sent out.
Attractions & Activities
As well as the chance to come and see what we are up to, we have a lot of other great activities at the event. You’ll be able to see our forge World studio’s superb Siege of Vraks board and there will be display and participation games, including a giant Apocalypse Battle between the Imperium and the Eldar, and our ever popular 40k-scale version of our Aeronautica Imperialis game.
There will also be an area where people can bring their own painted Forge World models for display (and a small prize handed out for the one we like best). We will also be running our charity raffle to win a Warhound Titan; tickets will be £1 each and the proceeds will go to ‘Children in Need’. You can buy as many tickets for the raffle as you like and the winner will be drawn at the end of the day, so its your chance to get hold of a Titan for a £1!
We will also have a sales stand with a selection of our stock available, and the ability to place orders to send out with no shipping to pay. Reservation orders for the Open Day are now closed however.
Additionally the Warhammer World facilities will be open for business as usual, so you can use the store, take a look round the museum or get some food and refreshments in Bugman’s Bar and restaurant.
If you need directions to the event you can get them from the Warhammer World website Here, and you can find more details of the show on our website Here.
Games Day France and Salute

Forge World will also be attending both Games Day France 08 at le Stade de France in Paris on Sunday the 20th April and the Salute show at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London on Saturday the 19th of April. We may only be able to take a limited selection of our stock to these events, so if you would like to place a reservation order, please get the details to us as soon as possible. The final deadline for reservations for these events is this coming Monday, the 7th of April.
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GamesDay 2007

Today I was at GamesDay 2007, and yes I did take a load of pictures (over 200) and yes I am uploading them as I speak.

Next year I think I will use a mobile phone and Shozu so that they are uploaded as I take them… that will be different.

I did enjoy the show, much more than last year. I suspect this may have been because there were lots of new Orks on show. Last year (for me anyway) I had already seen all the preview stuff, this year there was loads I hadn’t seen.

Here is the new Ork Trukk which will be out on the 7th January (in the UK).

new Ork Trukk

Forgeworld had some nice displays, but didn’t seem to have as much new and unknown stuff as they use to have in previous years (maybe they are just getting it out faster).

They did though have the Reaver Titan.

Eventually you will be able to find all my photographs on the site.