Reaver Titan

The Reaver Battle Titan is a frontline combat titan, designed for direct confrontation with the enemy. … Reavers primarily serve as vanguards for the Warlords, there to fan out and prevent the larger and slower Warlords from being flanked, so they can keep the enemy boxed into the Warlord’s field of fire.

Mars Pattern Reaver Titan

Imperial Titans attacking a T'au base

Reaver Titan
Reaver Titan with Melta Cannon and Powerfist.
The “inside” of the head showing the cockpit.
The head of the Titan

Forge World Reaver Titan
Forge World Reaver Titan at Warhammer World

One of the highlights of the Forgeworld Designers’ stand at GamesDay 2007 for me that year was the work in progress model of a 40K scale Reaver Titan. You can also see (compared to the images above) how much the model was changed.

This is one big model, and though it is a work in progress, the detail in the model looks great.