GamesDay 2007

Today I was at GamesDay 2007, and yes I did take a load of pictures (over 200) and yes I am uploading them as I speak.

Next year I think I will use a mobile phone and Shozu so that they are uploaded as I take them… that will be different.

I did enjoy the show, much more than last year. I suspect this may have been because there were lots of new Orks on show. Last year (for me anyway) I had already seen all the preview stuff, this year there was loads I hadn’t seen.

Here is the new Ork Trukk which will be out on the 7th January (in the UK).

new Ork Trukk

Forgeworld had some nice displays, but didn’t seem to have as much new and unknown stuff as they use to have in previous years (maybe they are just getting it out faster).

They did though have the Reaver Titan.

Eventually you will be able to find all my photographs on theĀ site.

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