Undercoating the Partisans

Having based my Bolt Action Partisans I gave the models a white undercoat.

These are very nice miniatures and there is a nice range of poses and characters within the band itself.

Though there is a “Soviet” feel to the partisans, I have decided to go down a French Forces of the Interior (Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur) or FFI force. Though I think some of the figures could be used for some 1920s gangsters games, look at the bloke on the right of this lot.

I am not too sure about the female partisan, as someone said to me, that bloke’s wearing a skirt!

I have been thinking about “transport” and armour for them. Tamiya do a 1/48th scale Citroen Traction 11CV which would work really well I think. As for armour I am tempted by the Bolt Action Char B1 bis and paint it up in FFI colours.

Bolt Action Partisan Band

After thinking about Bolt Action for a while and reflecting on the rules I finally decided on which force I was going to build. My regular opponent Simon was going Italian, so I actually had quite a wide choice of potential foes, from Early War French, British Desert Rats, Anzio which would mean regular British Infantry and US forces, Russians and even Germans towards the end of the war. I did initially think about Greek, they used regular British equipment so would be quite easy to model. I did consider Late War Germans, so I could get a JagdTiger in 28mm…. but in the end I decided that I would go totally irregular and go with Partisans, so just infantry, or maybe a car or truck or two.

Through mail-order I bought from Warlord Games their Partisan Band, which in theory contains eight figures, quite pleased to find that my parcel contained ten figures.

After cleaning the castings, I stuck them to two pence pieces using super glue, after that was dry, using PVA and Citadel Sand I covered the bases.

The next stage will be a white undercoat.