Partisans Band

My regular opponent Simon has gone Italian. I was initially tempted to go Greek, but in the end have gone with an irregular French partisan army.

Partisan Squad

The pack contains ten assorted partisans. The first thing I did after cleaning the castings was glue them to two pence pieces and then add some Citadel sand using PVA.

The models were then given a white undercoat.

These are very nice miniatures and there is a nice range of poses and characters within the band itself.

I am not too sure about the female partisan, as someone said to me, that bloke’s wearing a skirt!

Using Vallejo Flat Earth (983) I started painting the models.

This though is my least favourite of the models. Not sure why, probably is the socks! Again maybe a little too Soviet in he look.

Maybe if the model looks more like Simone Segouin then, possibly I would like it more.

Using a borrowed helmet, this model would fit fine in Eastern Europe or in France.