Grey Knights Land Speeder Crew

Having worked a lot of my Grey Knights Land Speeder, one of the key components is the replacement crew. I could have used the included plastic Space Marine crew, but in the end I used some metal Grey Knights models. I started with a black basecoat and then gave the armour a basecoat of Boltgun Metal. This was followed with the gold metal parts been given a base coat of Brazen Brass.

See the full workbench feature.

Space Wolves Land Speeder Tempest

Space Wolves Land Speeder Tempest, the Tempest variant of the Land Speeder features an armoured and enclosed single seat cockpit, nose mounted Assault Cannon and side mounted missiles. The Tempest is deployed by Marine Chapters when fast moving heavy fire support is needed.

Space Wolves Land Speeder Tempest

This was from a Space Wolves army, which includes virtually (if not all) the Space Marine models and conversions from Forge World as well as all the plastic and metal models from Citadel.

It was on display at both GamesDay 2006 and GamesDay 2007.

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Grey Knights Landspeeder – progress report

It’s getting there, but I better get the crew done soon.

I am making some progress on my Grey Knights Landspeeder. Having done the purity seals I painted the skulls with a light brown foundation paint, I will be highlighting these with bleached bones.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

Another view.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

it’s getting there, but I better get the crew done soon.

Writing the Purity Seals on my Grey Knights Landspeeder

Having finished off the red wax on my Grey Knights Landspeeder I set about adding writing to the paper parts of the purity seals.

I used a watered down Chaos Black for the writing.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

I am okay with the end result, but would have liked to have done some finer writing, so I may try again.

I also took the opportunity to paint the Inquisitorial book on the front with a red foundation paint.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

This needs some tidying up as well.