Dystopian Times

At the weekend I managed to get my first game of the Dystopian Wars played. I have had the rules for a while and have had a fair few ships on the workbench too. In the last few weeks I managed to finish a few ships painted and finished.
Prussian Empire Ships
Playing the game for the first time, made me realise how important it is that rules are written clearly and illustrated with examples. Myself and Simon spent a fair bit of time trying to work out how the game played. I don’t think it helped too much that I had version 1.0 of the rules and he had the updated version 1.1.

It took us a while to work out that if you had a single ship you could link the multiple weapons (turrets for example) and fire at a single target.

Once we had worked out where we were going wrong, we soon managed to crack the basics. Longer term, it could get a whole lot more complicated to play, once you introduce aerial vehicles and more weapons.

I did like the basics of the game, and certainly I had to think hard about strategy to ensure that my ships ended up in the right place to bring all their weapons to bear upon their target.

We made use of the cards, and I have always liked card systems. This one seemed to be just right, adding advantages to each player, without it seeming to be overboard.

I do like the models and it was nice to use something different to 40K and FoW which have dominated my gaming over the last few years. I found my Prussian ships quite simple and easy to paint, though I could if I wanted to, go overboard again and do some excessive weathering and details.

I certainly did enjoy the game, and started thinking about finishing painting the other models I have and even making some more scenery. For some reason I do quite like the idea of making some icebergs.

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