Ork Battlewagon in the desert

A Battlewagon is a catch-all term used for any type of Ork assault tank and heavy armoured troop transport. The term Battlewagon seems to refer overall to a category of large Ork armoured vehicles. A Battlewagon can be wheeled, tracked or a combination of the two and is used in many battlefield roles. It always carries a large complement of weapons.

This is my Ork Battlewagon in my desert photographic terrain. I have added my Ork Kannon to the model as well.

I decided that when I built the model I would avoid having too many of the turrets and other things on the model and keep it simple. My thinking was that this was an Ork vehicle which had been in battle and was somewhat ramshackle as the Ork meks attempted to keep it together.

This is the Kannon, which is a Forge World resin model.

I have nearly finished the battlewagon and am pleased with how it is now turning out. Here is another view, this time with a Kill Kannon inside the back of it.

With this model, less is more, so I think I might go back to the model and use some weathering powders.

The Kill Kannon, , which is also a Forge World resin model, used a different painting method to the Kannon.

See the workbench feature on the Ork Battlewagon.

See photographs of completed Ork Battlewagons from various shows.

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