Imperial Fortress

On display at GamesDay 2005.

Imperial Fortress

Huge Imperial Fortress wall set, features Tarantula turrets mounted on the Flying Buttresses, 2 large Autocannon turrets, armoured gateway. Details include, hooded statues, Ammunition storage areas, lifts to the battlements and ceiling mounted Autocannon gunner chairs with crew that rotate with the turret.

Imperial Fortress

Imperial Fortress

Never saw the light of day…

I took a photograph of this concept sketch at the Forge World displays at GamesDay 2005.

Now six years later we’ve not seen anything like this appear from the depths of the Forge World studio, though we have seen very similar models.

First impression was that this was a Thunderhawk Transporter.

It carries stuff, it carries a Land Raider. However though it has similarities, which makes me think the sketch is for a Space Marine vehicle, is it a Thunderhawk Transporter? Probably no.

We’ve also had the Valkyrie Sky Talon which does look similar, but the Sky Talon is for moving the Tauros Venator rather than some big infantry pod.

Likewise I don’t think the Caestus Assault Ram was derived from this sketch, much more likely that the Assault Ram was a big Land Speeder!

The reason for discussing the sketch is the current rumours flying around about a mystery Space Marine vehicle.

There’s word of a new Space Marine vehicle in the works. Here’s the latest we’ve heard.

Apparently this is the big “new kit” to accompany the updated Codex:Space Marines.
-The term “Space Marine Gunship” has been mentioned.
-It’s NOT the Stormraven
-It’s NOT the Caestus Assault Ram
-Its NOT an “assault themed” vehicle
-There are whispers of that ancient bit of fluff regarding the “missing link transport” Astartes vehicle.

So it’s not the Stormraven either! Could it be this?

So is that sketch from GamesDay 2005 any indication of what we might see, or something completely unrelated, we’re going to have to wait and see.

Tyranid Barbed Hierodule

This beautifully painted Tyranid Barbed Hierodule was in the Forge World display cabinets back at GamesDay 2005.

Tyranid Barbed Hierodule

I really do like this model and the paint job is excellent.

Here is it next to the huge Harridan, but even though it looks small here it still towers over normal sized Tyranids.

Scythed Hierodule
Barbed Hierodule beside a Harridan and Scythed Hierodule.

More photographs of Tyranids.

Underground Building Entrances

Forge World released these entrances many years ago. These were on display at GamesDay 2005.

I’ve always thought of them as a weird concept and wondered why Forge World not only made one, but made a whole range?

Obviously they could be used as entrances to other buildings with someconversion and I have thought about that especially for the CityFight Photographic Tile that has been on my “workbench” for some time. At the moment it only exists on paper, but I do have a 2’ square piece of MDF to use for it!

I wanted to use mainly foamcard and cardboard for the “tile” as it would only be used for photographs and not for gaming. Though at 2’ square could be used for small scale squad actions, or for the Rogue Trader RPG.

As with many projects, at the moment it is in the pipeline and will probably stay in the pipeline for the forseeable future.

Forge World Anphelion Base

At GamesDay 2005 Forge World showed off their fantastic Anphelion Base diorama that used their then new buildings. They also had the scenery on display at their Forge World Open Day.

Forgeworld display of Valkyrie touching down on landing pad.
Forgeworld display of Valkyrie touching down on landing pad.

Forgeworld display of Valkyrie touching down on landing pad.
Forgeworld display of Valkyrie touching down on landing pad.