Classic Golden Demon: The Bretonnian Joust

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

I have always liked this jousting diorama, The Bretonnian Joust, by Dave Andrews which won the Open Competition in the 1996 Golden Demon awards. The level of detail is outstanding. There are hoof marks in the ground, created using clay. The manuscript on the back is handwritten.

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

Across the diorama are lots of figures adding to the story. The pavilion is made from foil, but is painted to look like cloth.

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

Some more photographs and details about the model can be found  here.

Bretonnian Miniatures from ten years ago…

These are the three-ups that were used to create the Citadel Bretonnians from ten years ago.

Things have improved since then, but I still think the quality back then was still pretty good. True though you had limited poses and therefore a lot of uniformity (something which works for WHFB but less so for WH40K).

Compared to the first plastics that Citadel did (a long time ago) these are fantastic.

With the new 3D scanning and laser technology Citadel are now using, it will be interesting to see where they go now!