This lovely St George’esque Bretonnian Knight was one of many duel dioramas which were on display at Warhammer World. The knight is facing down a lovely red dragon (which I didn’t photograph).

I really like the scenic base, which is nice and rocky.

This is one half of an Elven duel, this was the High Elf, his opponent was a Dark Elf on a Cold One.

This is a Warhammer 40000 duel between a Space Marine Chaplin and an Exodite Eldar. The Chaplin is riding a bike.

The Exodite Eldar is on a lizard.

Exodite Eldar

The Exodites were a concept that had Eldar using giant lizards as mounts and large mounts for weapons (in a similar way to Elephants or Squiggoths). It was never taken further by Citadel, though some Epic concepts were sculptured and cast, but never went on sale. The concept proved popular with some and as a result there is an unofficial codex out on the tubes and some lovely models such as this one.

This was a Golden Demon winning Duel which I photographed on my most recent visit to Warhammer World in January 2020.

I first photographed the duel on a visit to Warhammer World back in 2007.

pace Marine Chaplin on a bike fighting an Eldar Exodite on a giant lizard



In Warhammer World is a somewhat small (nostalgic) section on the early years of Citadel Miniatures and Warhammer (there are some more models elsewhere in the exhibition.

Not entirely sure of the age or era this wonderfully painted duel of a High Elf versus a Dark Elf on a Cold One is from, but I did like it.

I suspect it might be an entry in a previous Golden Demon competition.

Painting High Elves

In addition to the Army Book for the High Elves for the iPad, Games Workshop have also produced a painting guide to the new High Elves.

Painting High Elves

The High Elves march to war as a glittering host, bedecked in the full and vibrant panoply of war. This How to Paint book contains eight detailed guides including High Elf Spearmen, Dragon Princes, the Lothern Skycutter, and the noble Sisters of Avelorn – using the Citadel paint range. These techniques can be used to help you paint any models in the High Elf range, and get your army ready for the battlefield.

These guides are a really useful aid, if you like an effect or colour scheme on the models in the Army Book and want to replicate them on your own models.

Get How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: High Elves from the iBookstore. sadly no longer available

Digital High Elves

Digital High Elves
Games Workshop have released their new army book for the High Elves as a Digital iBook for the iPad.

Warhammer: High Elves is the indispensible guide to the mighty realm of Ulthuan, its regal lords and glorious armies. This book details Ulthuan’s turbulent history from the first cataclysmic war against Chaos, through years of schism, decline and determined defiance, and provides you with full rules to field a High Elf army in games of Warhammer.

This book also features an interactive miniatures gallery, handy quick-links for special rules and weapons, and will always be up to date with the latest FAQ’s.

As with many of the Games Workshop digital publications, this has been put together very nicely, in the sample I saw there was a little too much scrolling of text on certain pages. Something which is a bit of a pity is that the small screen of the iPad does make it difficult to appreciate the high quality images and painted miniatures within the book.

Digital High Elves

Click the image for a “full size” version, the native resolution of the retina iPad means that you need to use “large” high quality images. Viewed on a normal “screen” you do appreciate the quality of the photography, the miniatures painting and thought that has gone into this.

Of course some people will prefer the “printed” version, but where I think this digital version wins is your opponent is High Elves then getting a copy of this will give you an insight into how your opponent will use them tactically.

Get Warhammer: High Elves from the Apple Bookstore.

Warmaster High Elves

Warmaster is one of those games which I really like, but actually never do very much with in terms of modelling, painting or gaming! Maybe it’s time to do something about it in 2010!

This is one of the many Warmaster games which was on show at GamesDay 2001. These are High Elves.

Warmaster Game

Check out the Warmaster section on the main website.

More photographs from GamesDay 2001.