Painting High Elves

In addition to the Army Book for the High Elves for the iPad, Games Workshop have also produced a painting guide to the new High Elves.

Painting High Elves

The High Elves march to war as a glittering host, bedecked in the full and vibrant panoply of war. This How to Paint book contains eight detailed guides including High Elf Spearmen, Dragon Princes, the Lothern Skycutter, and the noble Sisters of Avelorn – using the Citadel paint range. These techniques can be used to help you paint any models in the High Elf range, and get your army ready for the battlefield.

These guides are a really useful aid, if you like an effect or colour scheme on the models in the Army Book and want to replicate them on your own models.

Get How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: High Elves from the iBookstore. sadly no longer available

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