This lovely St George’esque Bretonnian Knight was one of many duel dioramas which were on display at Warhammer World. The knight is facing down a lovely red dragon (which I didn’t photograph).

I really like the scenic base, which is nice and rocky.

This is one half of an Elven duel, this was the High Elf, his opponent was a Dark Elf on a Cold One.

This is a Warhammer 40000 duel between a Space Marine Chaplin and an Exodite Eldar. The Chaplin is riding a bike.

The Exodite Eldar is on a lizard.

Exodite Eldar

The Exodites were a concept that had Eldar using giant lizards as mounts and large mounts for weapons (in a similar way to Elephants or Squiggoths). It was never taken further by Citadel, though some Epic concepts were sculptured and cast, but never went on sale. The concept proved popular with some and as a result there is an unofficial codex out on the tubes and some lovely models such as this one.

This was a Golden Demon winning Duel which I photographed on my most recent visit to Warhammer World in January 2020.

I first photographed the duel on a visit to Warhammer World back in 2007.

pace Marine Chaplin on a bike fighting an Eldar Exodite on a giant lizard



In Warhammer World is a somewhat small (nostalgic) section on the early years of Citadel Miniatures and Warhammer (there are some more models elsewhere in the exhibition.

Not entirely sure of the age or era this wonderfully painted duel of a High Elf versus a Dark Elf on a Cold One is from, but I did like it.

I suspect it might be an entry in a previous Golden Demon competition.