Digital High Elves

Digital High Elves
Games Workshop have released their new army book for the High Elves as a Digital iBook for the iPad.

Warhammer: High Elves is the indispensible guide to the mighty realm of Ulthuan, its regal lords and glorious armies. This book details Ulthuan’s turbulent history from the first cataclysmic war against Chaos, through years of schism, decline and determined defiance, and provides you with full rules to field a High Elf army in games of Warhammer.

This book also features an interactive miniatures gallery, handy quick-links for special rules and weapons, and will always be up to date with the latest FAQ’s.

As with many of the Games Workshop digital publications, this has been put together very nicely, in the sample I saw there was a little too much scrolling of text on certain pages. Something which is a bit of a pity is that the small screen of the iPad does make it difficult to appreciate the high quality images and painted miniatures within the book.

Digital High Elves

Click the image for a “full size” version, the native resolution of the retina iPad means that you need to use “large” high quality images. Viewed on a normal “screen” you do appreciate the quality of the photography, the miniatures painting and thought that has gone into this.

Of course some people will prefer the “printed” version, but where I think this digital version wins is your opponent is High Elves then getting a copy of this will give you an insight into how your opponent will use them tactically.

Get Warhammer: High Elves from the Apple Bookstore.

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