The Battle of Matorea

This diorama is one of the newest displays at Warhammer World. This is a Warhammer Old World diorama and shows The Battle of Matorea. A massive conflict between the undead Tomb Kings of Khemri and the valiant Kingdom of Bretonnia. One half of the battlefield you have a Bretonnian castle being defended with Bretonnian knights sallying forth from the battlements.  Opposing them are the hordes of undead skeletons, chariots, and monstrous constructs. Flying across the battlefield are the bone dragons of the Tomb Kings of Khemri and Pegasus Rights of the Kingdom of Bretonnia.


This was a very impressive diorama and really showed off both Old World forces.

Settra the Imperishable lays siege to the coastal city of Matorea with a massive undead host as Cecil Gastonne, the Wyrm Slayer rallies its hopelessly outnumbered defenders. Just as the city’s defences begin to fail, the trumpeting of silver clarions sounds in the east, heralding the arrival of Duke Gastille. Have the duke and his knights arrived in time to lift the siege, or will they join the doomed defenders in a heroic death?

The castle was scratch built. 

The Warhammer World Studio embraced classic modelling techniques to design and craft the landscape and buildings, with minimal use of plastic terrain kits. Built from scratch, the castle’s walls use extruded polystyrene sheets with the brickwork patterns hand carved and textured. The repeated features, such as the battlements, were hand sculpted, then moulds were made from the original so that multiple resin pieces could be cast from them. There are a number of conversions to spot. For instance, the flying Bone Dragons were cut down to individual bones and repositioned.