Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan

Warlord Battle Titan with two volcano cannons and two apocalypse missile launchers

Having pre-ordered the Precept Maniple Battleforce, I have started thinking about which models I will build and paint first out of the five that come in the box.

I had been thinking about purchasing the Warlord Battle Titan anyhow, so now I have the Precept Maniple Battleforce this may be the first to get built, though thinking about a Warhound first for painting to see what scheme I will do.

Warlord Battle Titans bestride the battlefields of the Imperium, their thunderous tread heralding the destruction of the enemies of Mankind. A mainstay of the Collegia Titanica, Warlord Battle Titans are among the largest and most powerful war machines ever devised by the Mechanicum.

The final model will be around 6” tall which is much bigger than the Epic scale Warlord Titans that came with the original Adeptus Titanicus game. There are many more parts as well, 144 to be exact, compared that with the ten parts of the original epic model (and two of those were the base).

Thinking about construction and painting, do I partially assemble the model and then paint it before finishing off the construction?

The other thing I am thinking about is colour scheme. I am thinking blue as the predominant colour.

As with most of my painting and modelling I do like to see what others have done and when I visited Warhammer World in January 2020 there were many models on display that were inspiring to see.

Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan

So much to think about.

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