Working more on the Grot Krew

Across my Ork Big Gunz, heavy vehicles, even my Stompa, I have a variety of Grot Krew that need painting. This post shows where I had got so far with them.

The next stage was finishing off the detailing and clothing on the models.

These Grot Krew are from the Forge World Big Zzappa, though there is a Stompa Krew Grot in the first photograph.

I painted the nails and claws of the Grots with Ushabti Bone and then highlighted with Wraithbone. I painted the trousers of one of the Grots with Ushabti Bone and the other with XV-88.

These are from the Stompa kit and the Skorcha.

I did some more with the Grots. In the main I painted some clothing using various shades of khaki and brown. I highlighted the screwdriver with Stormhost Silver. I washed the pistols with Nuln Oil.

I an pretty happy with the Grot with the Wrench from the Skorcha kit. Not sure what I am going to do with the eyes, probably black and then a spot of red.

I used various greys to paint the bandana of the screwdriver yielding Grot.

These Grots are from the Kill Kannon.

For the Kill Kannon observer, I painted a lens effect on the observing tool. I painted the entire lens with Thunderhawk Blue and then used Lothern Blue for the reflection before finally adding a drop of white at the top. On the other side of the device I used a drop of Mephiston Red.

For the loader, the one with the helmet, I painted his jacket with XV-88 and then highlighted with a mix of XV-88 and Ushabti Bone.

I have a fair few other Grot Krew I need to clean, base and paint.

These are the Krew from the Supa Kannon and their ammo crate.

Once I cleaned up the models I glued them temporarily to bases and then gave them a white undercoat of Corax White.

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