Grot Krew

Across my Ork Big Gunz, heavy vehicles, even my Stompa, I have a variety of Grot Krew that need painting.

This is a Grot Gunner from the Forge World Kill Kannon.

This is another Grot Gunner from the Forge World Kill Kannon. I gave the shell casings on the model a base coat of Skullcrusher Brass, before giving them a wash of Agrax Earthshade. The shells themselves were painted with Leadbelcher.

I used a variety of greys to paint the Grot’s helmet.

On this Grot from the Big Zzappa, I painted this shoulder belt and this should armour.

This Grot is from the Stompa plastic kit. Another one with a radio and a microphone.

This plastic Grot with a screwdriver is from the Sompa as well. I used Nuln Oil Shade on the drill. Just realised that’s a socket wrench in his belt, will need to paint that using Leadbelcher again.

I added some highlights to the Grots using Warboss Green. I then used Citadel Dry paint, Niblet Green to add highlights. I then did further highlights using Hexos Palesun. I painted his nails and teeth with Ushabti Bone. I painted his two pistols with Leadbelcher.

For the Kill Kannon observer, I painted a lens effect on the observing tool. I painted the entire lens with Thunderhawk Blue and then used Lothern Blue for the reflection before finally adding a drop of white at the top. On the other side of the device I used a drop of Mephiston Red.

I also used a range of greys to paint his trousers.

Still some work to do on these.

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