Warhammer World Grot Tanks

In the Ork display cabinets of Warhammer World are the Forge World Grot Tanks.

The lunatic product of the deranged imaginations of grot riggers and scavs that have spent far too long basking in the insane genius of the Big Meks, Grots Tanks are diminutive armoured vehicles made to imitate the far larger Ork Wagons and Tanks.

I really liked these models and I bought them when they were released, but alas they spent many years on the Grot Tank workbench before this year when I got some real painting done and virtually finished all four tanks.

I think the next time I visit Warhammer World I might pick up another pack of the tanks and build different variants and maybe add some more details as well.

See the Grot Tank Miniatures Gallery for more photographs of these little tanks.


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