Battle of the Five Armies Terrain

Here are more pictures of the ruins are from GW’s forthcoming Warmaster scale Battle of the Five Armies game.

here is another one

The Battle of the Five Armies is from JRR Tokien’s superb story, The Hobbit, and is a large mass battle between goblins and wargs, versus the armies of dwarves, elves and man, with Eagles, a dragon, and some hobbits…

The ruins also look ideal for Epic as well.

Epic Imperial Cathedral

One of my favourite pieces of scenery has to be the Epic Cathedral from Forgeworld.

I like the fact it is based on the ruins from the Epic40K boxed set and therefore fits in well not just with the other Forgeworld buildings, but also the ruins. Other bits are from the Imperator Titan which adds to the Imperial feel of the building.

It is a hefty piece of resin and certainly dominates the battlefield.

Old Terrain Tiles from 1990 or thereabouts…

In my garage (as I suspect is the case with many gamers) is a load of old gaming stuff. Much of the good quality stuff has been sold on eBay, however in a box is one of my first terrain experiments for 6mm games.

I was once inspired by an article from Miniature Wargames issue #13 in which a gamer had described how he created some superb WWII terrain tiles. Taking his cue, and using 10mm cork tiles I created a series of 6mm terrain tiles with hills, hedges and roads.

Incorporating cork bark, some of the hills had rocky features. The “grass” was flocked and then painted (to keep it in place) and then drybrushed.

It worked well except for one major flaw!

Some of the cork tiles warped making it very unuseable. Eventually they were replaced with commercial flocked tiles.