That time when the Imperial Guard used the Rhino

In a recent post looking back, I posted a scan of when the Imperial Guard used the Land Raider.

When the Land Raider was first released (and we are talking a long time ago now) there was a real lack of armoured vehicles around, so of course if you had an Imperial Guard force you could have a Land Raider…

Well they didn’t just use the Land Raider, they also made extensive use of the Rhino as well.

The other thing to note, was if you were a Space Marine chapter you could use camouflage instead of the usual chapter colours. I quite like the Ultramarines use of jungle camouflage instead of their regular blue.

Back then alien races such as the Eldar and Orks could also make use of both the Land Raider and the Rhino, and of course (as they can do today) Chaos forces used both armoured vehicles as well.

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