Enjoying Imperial Armour

At GamesDay 2007 I purchased volume 2 of the Forge World Imperial Armour series of hardbacked books. It’s the one that covers Space Marines and the Inquisition.

It is a excellently produced book and I have spent ages reading the text, looking at the excellent graphics and photographs – some of which are quite realistic looking, especially when you consider not only are we talking models, we’re also talking about gothic SF models. I also like the fact that they also include details on the original Rhino as well as the newer Rhino model.

The graphics are excellent and give plenty of ideas for paint schemes as well as insignia and other markings. I am going to be modelling my Mark IIb Land Raider on one of the schemes in the book.

I do have volume 1 and I would like to get some of the others in the series as well, the Siege of Vraks looks really interesting.

You don’t buy these for the gaming information, though  that is useful, the delight in these books is just the sheer quality of the content and the look.


Forgeworld Rumours

Forgeworld Rumours, started by me it seems…

It would seem that a few photographs I took at GamesDay UK in October have recently being the source of a few rumours about Forgeworld, that even in the latest FW newsletter, they give out some more information.

The pages from my website which started it all cover the Elysian Drop Troops and the Imperial Armour Volume 3 – Taros Campaign.

The forum posts on Portent which exacerbated it can be found here. Update: Portent is no longer available

This quote from the FW newsletter which kinda confirms it…

We’ve noticed that there have been all sorts of rumours on the internet about the Elysian Drop Troops we’re working on and we thought we might put some of you out there out of your misery with a few facts about what we’re planning.

Okay, Forge World is going to release a whole range of Elysian Drop Troops early in 2005. The troops are made completely of resin and have been sculpted by the famous Simon Egan.

Will Hayes has made all the weapons for the range, the lasgun he has turned into an amazing bull-pup style carbine which will also be available to the troops in a variant with a built in grenade launcher and also a bipod equipped sniper version. I really like the new mortar Will has made which features a drum magazine!

The Elysians are being made in lots of parts to allow an almost limitless variety of poses. Separate heads, bodies, legs, arms and equipment will make for lots of modelling fun.

In my opinion, the Elysians are right up there at the cutting edge of 40K design. These are among some of the finest models Forge World has made, so far! You’ll just have to wait a little while longer until we can show you photos of the finished models, but it will be worth the wait.

Imperial Armour Volume 3 – Taros Campaign should be released in April or May, and the Drop Troops in the next three months.