Plastic Land Raider Proteus

Back in April I wrote after seeing the plastic Spartan Land Raider Assault Tank I did wonder if we would see a plastic Land Raider Proteus.

With the announcement of the plastic Spartan Land Raider Assault Tank it got me thinking, will we also a plastic Land Raider Proteus? It wouldn’t be too much of a step to have a plastic kit of this Land Raider? Essentially the Spartan is a stretched Land Raider.

Well today we see that we are going to get a plastic Land Raider Proteus with an announcement on the Warhammer Community site.

Land Raider Proteus

Before the Spartan Assault Tank there was one true king of armoured troop conveyance – the Land Raider. Many patterns of these lumbering tanks exist in Legion armouries, but none have the pedigree of the venerable Land Raider Proteus, which now returns to the Age of Darkness with a new plastic kit.

Land Raider Proteus

Dating back to the Dark Age of Technology, these vehicles are no less capable of surviving the harsh realities of civil war than their more spritely cousins, exhibiting uncommonly strong influence from their machine spirits. There are stories of these tanks continuing to blast away as their crew lie dying, or rumbling back to base with damage that would wreck lesser machines.

I do like this model. It will be a few weeks (months) before it is released, but I am seriously considering getting one.

So, now we are returning full circle to the original plastic Land Raider model which was released in 1988, well very close.

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