Forgeworld Valkyries

Epic and 40k scales…

The WH40K version of the FW Valkyrie is a really nice model, well detailed and a very nice piece of kit for the Imperial Guard.

From what I have heard about the Epic version, it is just as sweet, and much larger than the Specialist Games model.

FW Epic models are very detailed compared to their metal counterparts. If I do get some Valkyries it will have to be the FW ones.

Epic Imperial Guard Leman Russ

One of my favourite models…

The Epic40K Leman Russ is one of my favourite epic scale models, the level of detail and “realism” is superb. I actually prefer this version to the Forgeworld version which is relatively unique as with virtually every other model my preference is for the Forgeworld versions.

This picture was taken with a Canon EOS 300D on a “normal” setting, and as you can see the aperture was too open and thus you get the blurry effect. If I had closed the aperture to get a sharper depth of field then the shutter speed would probably have been around five or ten seconds which would mean use a tripod. My old Sony Cybershot (old it’s only three years old) can probably take a better photograph.

However the Canon is a six mega-pixel camera (compared to the Sony’s three) means better quality images especially for printing and cropping.

Imperial Guard Tank Landing Craft

Epic conversion using the Airfix LCVP kit…

I have always had a fondness for the concept of small craft naval actions in Epic, reminiscent of the brown water forces of the Vietnam War.

I have just purchased a 1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft.

1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft

I didn’t know this kit existed until recently when I saw it as part of a larger D-Day boxed set. I knew Airfix had made a tank landing craft in the past (which came with a Sherman tank and is still available (and was also in the D-Day boxed set)) but always thought it was too big for converting into an Epic size vessel.

This infantry landing craft is as you might expect much smaller and therefore makes it ideal conversion material.

1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft

The kit is pretty good in that it also contains components to make beach obstacles.

It is a full hull kit, so I will probably need to sand the base down a little to make it a waterline kit.

The real task will be epicising the model to make it look similar to the Epic models and less a 1/72nd kit. For this I will use plastic strip and lots of bits from Epic models such as Hydra turrets.

Forge World Ork Bommer Bitz

What you get in the little bag…

Here is a picture of the component parts of the Forgeworld Ork Bommer.

The main fiddly bit looks like will be the bomb load.

They are very detailed models and I am very impressed with the casting and the quality of the models.

These will make a fine addition to my Ork Airfield Defence Force and I am now very tempted to get some of the FW Ork Fighters as well.

Comparative Picture – how big are those Forgeworld flyers…

The following photograph gives you some idea of the comparative size between the Forgeworld Ork flyers and the original Epic 40K versions.

As you can see the Forgeworld model (even without the wings or tail) is substantially larger than the Epic 40K model.

I much prefer the more in-scale version, though I was quite the fan of the Epic40K models.